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10 High Paying Affiliate Programs: Earn $800 In Commissions Per Sale

I’m going over 10 area of interest markets with excessive paying affiliate applications you should utilize to make critical on-line revenue with solely a handful of sales monthly. Commissions vary from $250 as much as $1000 or extra per sale in among the area of interest markets! The greatest a part of that is, it takes the identical quantity of effort to faucet into these larger paying area of interest markets because it does low paying ones.

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36 thoughts on “10 High Paying Affiliate Programs: Earn $800 In Commissions Per Sale

  1. Can payments go through paypal?

  2. just became a subscriber. thank you Deadbeat

  3. Anybody know a good CPC affiliate network?

  4. just became a subscriber… is this possible if im living in the Philippines?

  5. Hey dan just wanted to see if maybe you could like send me a how to get started. I have been doing the affiliate stuff and not one cent made eBay and amazon please if you can what am I doing wrong?

  6. Hey Dan, I would like to talk! I sent you a message on YT idk if you saw… What's the best way to get in touch?

  7. You got to do a shit load of research before you deal with random companies you know nothing about. Some companies that offer affiliate programs won't pay you your money. When you don't go through a affiliate network then you have to be careful. I got to know ahead of time that a company is paying their affiliates before I promote them.

  8. Hi Man! I'm looking for debt settlement affiliate $300 per lead and I cannot find one.. can you give an example of which program will pay you that much for lead? i would be thankfu for your advise. thanks!

  9. Hey where can I buy your system?

  10. are those affiliate programs available for non-American person? i just wonder.!

  11. how are the sites called that give you the commission ?

  12. Dan what about doing the the Google Keyword search and doing a video say on "Debt Consolidation" like you said , and hook up the video with those keywords , THEN put the affiliate links in the You tube video description ….please advise

  13. Can I talk to you one on one?

  14. Well, well, well…. This one knocked it out of the park. Way to share here! This information is golden and opens up the mind to new things. I have been thinking lately about going for bigger ticket items to promote vs smaller ticket ones. This gave me some great ideas. I especially liked the one you mentioned about personal injury and sending leads. This takes a lot of pressure off of feeling like a person has to "sell ". I am gonna seriously look into that. Great video man!

  15. Id be interested in comparing what I offer to others out there. Im surprised they all arent in financial services. Its hard to get someone to pay 10k for anything, but easy to charge 10k fee after you hand them 100-200k.

    We do business and personal loans and lines of credit for existing and new businesses. We process our own files and our processors have gotten over $90,000,000 in funds for our clients. 80% is for people that dont have business revenue yet but have someone with a good personal guarantee.

    I paid 36,157.77 in commissions last WEEK (ending 6/2) to top 10 referral partners. We have happily paid over 10k for a lead. I also have a 3 tiered referral system that allows people to get paid just referring me another real estate agent or business loan funder. I have paid one affiliate 67k on this in last 16 months.

  16. Is your dead beat super affiliate system up to date with the google changes and strategies to rank your website?

  17. Say Dan do you need a Website and a lot of technical knowledge to work that high commissions‚Äč affiliate program!?*

  18. love it

  19. 1:50 how do you do it properly?

  20. Hi, Im new to this I just got started as a click bank affiliate I added a tracking code started campaign with google adwords. With $30 as a budget I was only able to get 30 clicks but I had to pause my campaign because they stop showing my ad. If I was to start my campaign back up can I pay someone from fiverr to send traffic to the product I'm promoting? Also I don't have a website

  21. bro where's the links ūüôĀ

  22. Thanks for your excellent video on good WordPress affiliate themes!


  24. what is best way to promote any affiliate product please ansewr thanks

  25. So that means I will get a domain name it time am talking about any topics?? Or get like 20 website??

  26. you keep saying to build a website but will one website be enough to talk about for a example hair. shoes etc… how you u even name a domain??

  27. One day this guy woke up and was like, I'm going to be Lazy Ass Stoner, but instead of being a stoner I'm going to be a guy who wears a dressing gown and suffers with narcolepsy.

  28. Why you are showing off your money!! Kept it in your pocket dude. I didn't like your attitude. Dislike

  29. can i do facebook ads with any of these companies that offer affiliate programs?

  30. YO bro? are you into Shopify dropshipping?

  31. I love your videos. Very fun and informative. How do you make the video… the popups with the titles in them are cool. What software is it?

    Keep up all the cool videos. Just subscribed.

  32. your awesome. keep this up!

  33. just what I'm needing, thankyou xxxxx

  34. I don't know to create more subscribe from others……please help me

  35. What if I ask a company to sell books for them & I ask for %5 per sale?
    How much would I make with those sales with that percentage?

  36. why are you not replying me?

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