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Affiliate Links How To Create Them & How To Use Them – Ali Express Affiliate Program

In this video I present you find out how to create affiliate hyperlinks and find out how to use affiliate hyperlinks.

This video is making affiliate hyperlinks for the Ali Express affiliate program utilizing the Ali Express Portal.

This hyperlink beneath is an instance of an Ali Express affiliate hyperlink and can hyperlink to the web page which exhibits this Mobius Camera being offered on Ali Express.

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27 thoughts on “Affiliate Links How To Create Them & How To Use Them – Ali Express Affiliate Program

  1. Great video. But Aliexpress portals is terrible program. On my channel you can find tutorial with much better affiliate program, with that program you dont need any approval, you dont have problems with creating aff links or withdraw money. And you also have better commision.

  2. please, I want to one video. how to create portal.aliexpress account and how can I approved..?

  3. I can't generate URL affiliate links for ANY AliExpress product – none at all. Anyone help? I've done everything shown in the video, above. The page just returns a message, the product isn't currently supported.


  5. hey man, thanks for this information! Do you know if Aliexpress accepts subdomains created by Wix etc ? Meaning a "free website" ?

  6. Hi Rules for Rebels, I truly like your video. I am about to set up my store with aliexpress but am very concern about getting sales. Do you mind to share how do you generate sales? Thanks so much

  7. Great help buddy , but everytime I try a product link and copy in deep link url , it shows "url is not promoted by portals currently?" What's the solution ?

  8. Hi Always enjoy your videos!I have my aliplugin set up in my website but when I click test conection with my ID it says it can't conect.Any ideas why this is happening?

  9. Serious question. If i sign up to use the affiliate program for aliexpress. But i am also a buyer. Meaning i only advertise the stuff i want to buy myself.. So if i use this program , but only on the items i am buying myself. Will i get affiliate payouts on orders im buying myself to sell on ebay and amazon? meaning too cut my costs even lower to help profit margins ?Meaning i have a different email account, with a reloadable prepaid credit card. i click on my afilliate links to buy. The theory is this will cut my overall cost per item down? your serious feed back is requested on this question. Thanks for the great videos

  10. hey could you mentor me and i would give u any percent (of the money you help me to make) you want or could u give me a link to your courses so i can buy them ..
    thanks for your time and the information you provide in your awesome vids

  11. hey could you mentor me and i would give u any percent (of the money you help me to make) you want

  12. But How Do We Get The Money. U Havent signed up Credit Card Account???? And How Can We Cash It???

  13. every time i add a product link i get this message "This url is not promoted by the Portals currently" what does this mean?

  14. i am from Indian affiliate program available in india

  15. what if I buy myself using my own link? :d

  16. this guy is a legend….i mean how can someone use IE over chrome #salute hehehe

  17. aliexpress traffic report is broken it doesnt log the click troughs 🙁 OMG

  18. Thank you so much. This video saved me from countless hours of troubleshooting the code that I got from promoted product link. I don't know how to add the code from there. This is much easier.

  19. if you want to build a ecommerce store with aliexpress dropship and or affiliate, you can do this by adding this plugin

  20. Great video but when I try to make the deep url link, it tells me that this url is not promoted by the portals currently. Why could that be? I only just signed up so I'm all new to that website.

  21. Interesting.
    How to promote Aliexpress products on Facebook..

  22. I signed  up to become an Affiliate  with aliexpress ! I get  the  api Key and still struggle ! I loose the Path , ! I Need  Help  from Step 1  till I understand all  how it  works !  thank you in advance ! Ziegler /Wiehl in Germany !

  23. how to Share Affiliate Link with Aliplugin ?? can you help me please ? i want to put it in my store manually

  24. hey bro, link wont open for me.

  25. What happens if the customer wants a refund ?

  26. Hi can we use facebook for promoting Alibaba products?

  27. Thank you so much Rules For Rebels definitely learned a lot from your videos

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