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Affiliate Marketing I Am Not

Affiliate Marketing I Am Not

Not long ago, someone emailed me and asked me how they could make a lot of money online, really, really fast. I kind of laughed because most folks who have online businesses are not making any money, and it has taken them a while to lose what they've invested. So, I told the individual some realities of the whole affiliate marketing venue, as I see it.

But first, I started with my personal standpoint; "No, I can not offer you advice on Affiliate Marketing. I do not sell anything online, and find most of the folks that do to be less than ethical. The entire sector does not impress me much. , I want to wring their bloody necks. "

The individual stated; "Obviously my goal is to generate income in the shortest amount of time possible." Yes, I understand that, but do not think that gives you the right to over promise and under deliver, or over-hype your products or services like so many are doing in the online space.

Now then, with that said, you could write an eBook on how to manage properties, renewate existing properties, or save a home from foreclosure by renting it out. If so, I might be able to give further advice on that? If so, tell me more about you. Why was this important you ask? Well, you need to produce something of value to sell, and if you have nothing of value, then, you'll end up like most of the folks out there hyping nonsense and trinkets.

"An Affiliate Marketer, I am Not!"

Personally, I do not want to be associated with affiliate marketing online in anyway whatever, but some folks believe that I am and point to my prolific number of online articles out there. Well, regarding the use of my articles online. I have not authorized the use of my articles, but as I understand it, Article Directory Sites allow websites to use that content, and in doing so, the deal is that each website owner must leave in the links, by leaving in the links it Means 100s of millions of links from article sites.

Also, by posting articles at directory sites, the author agreements to allowing individuals to use those articles. I believe anyone can take 20-articles from a few of the top online directory sites without paying them, after that they must work out a deal, not everyone follows that rule, but many article sites as I understand it still wins, kind of Like people stealing pirated Microsoft Office or Works in the early days allowed it to become the default office program. Thus, Microsoft won, even if one could indeed make the case that they lost billions in unapproved copying of their products.

So, from an intellectual property standpoint, I am upset like most. It's too bad I have not been paid for all that unapproved content usage, but chasing down every little website owner would be next to impossible.

The way I see it, my average article gets used 17-times each, and with 21,000 articles, each of those articles may get viewed 200 times per site, multiplied by 17 and again by 21,000 see that point? Lots of links raises potential search engine rankings and distribution. So with 10.5 million article views at one of the top online article websites multiplied by 17 you can see why the strategy works right? I am able to amplify my thoughts to the world.

Currently, I do not make money selling eBooks, rather, I write eBooks to distribute my ideas to the World. But, I do know a thing or two about selling eBooks, and some people who make money selling eBooks online through websites. I personally do not, and do not really care too, although I am sure in the future I may end up at some point selling some of my information.

If someone finds my name in affiliate marketing circles it is due to a miss-read on what I am about by the industry-sector. People assume I must be making a ton of money due to the number of articles I write, but I do not do it for that purpose at all, I am retired from the Franchising Industry.

In fact, I've seen my name used by those trying to sell online article writing software, article marketing programs, etc, as an example of how much one can make by article marketing, again assuming I am breaking records in online sales, but That is a false read on their part, perhaps even wishful thinking to promote their trinkets or online marketing programs. I find the entire sector to be very sleazy.

For those who wish to make money online through affiliate marketing, it helps to have a good product, virtual products are best, this is why I may recommend eBooks. So, if you have decent know-how, then you could write a couple of eBooks, and market them. "IF" you have knowledge that is not readily available and you have packaged it correctly you create a win / win with those who need that information and yourself.

Then if you work with affiliate marketers who assist in getting your product sold, by them taking a small fee, that is "fair for all concerned" right? You could write an eBook on your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, and you can start today, all you need is some templates, which I would be happy to forward to you if you email me. You could probably write an eBook on one of those subjects in a week or two, then edit it while you are setting up your online website? Perhaps, you might consider all this.

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