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AirBNB Affiliate Program Cancelled & Why Good Affiliate Programs Change As Companies Grow

AirBNB Affiliate program has been cancelled.

It was a reasonably small lesser recognized affiliate program but it surely was an enormous earner for myself and lots of different associates.

In this video I talk about the AirBNB affiliate program, why it was so good and really easy to transform and make money, and why it was cancelled.

This additionally teaches us a lesson about why we should be agile and adaptive as associates as a result of affiliate packages are all the time altering their phrases.

When firms are new and up and comming, assume Netflix, Groupon, AirBNB, Amazon, and so forth. They supply nice affiliate phrases. They have lengthy cookie occasions and excessive payouts.

As these firms develop in reputation they’re now not as dependent on associates and can typically both cancel the packages fully, or on the very least shorten cookie occasions from 30 days to 24 hour and even session primarily based. They will decrease commissions and mainly change phrases to make the program much less favorable to associates.

What we study from that is when one thing is working we’ve to strike when the iron is scorching and make as a lot money as doable as rapidly as we will as a result of we do not know the way lengthy it will possibly final.

This additionally teaches us to diversify and never rely solely on one affiliate program for revenue as they may change the phrases and that program might go away or change in a means that dramatically cuts our revenue as associates.

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