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Aliexpress Affiliate Review, Bad Affiliate Program from Aliexpress

Bad Affiliate Program from Aliexpress
Affiliate has to attend one and half month for fee to be paid to their checking account. Low fee, 2% on averages, dangerous assist, not frequent fee methodology for affiliate. Only financial institution switch possibility out there for fee and $15 payment for every withdrawal, no paypal, no payoneer choices.

three months working for them and I’ve to attend one and half month to get my money on my checking account. Until now I’ve not acquired the switch.

Help assist could be very minimal on their website. It is frustating for me.

Not Recommended

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22 thoughts on “Aliexpress Affiliate Review, Bad Affiliate Program from Aliexpress

  1. I dont know why people are complaining when other affiliate programs like amazon are worse off!
    if im correct amazon pays you after 90 days!!!?
    and people are panicking over 30-50 days
    in addition aliexpress pays 50% commision, amazon pays what 20%?

  2. Aliexpress is getting more reputation these days. So I think it's better now 🙂

  3. was just making a website to aliexpress affiliate . you just stopped me lol. thankx a lot

  4. Cookies links ever work ?

  5. its a SCAM! My payment is under AUDITING for 25 days already!!!!

  6. Hi, please help me, about 28 days ago i request my aliexpress affiliate payment but i don t recieved nothing until now in my european bank account, on aliexpress status is written success in green. It is normal ? How much usually days need for get my money? I contacted affiliate program by email but don t answer. Please help me. Thanks

  7. Podemos usar o face book com o sait para os post

  8. There is no fix commission percentage, sellers do setting for affiliate commission and some set as low as 1% and others as high as 50% , 2 months is the default waiting for first payment just like adsense or amazon

  9. Dude, how did you promote their products to sell over 30 grands?? Can you give the link how you do this?

  10. Thanks for the warning. I almost signed up with them… Now I know better…

  11. I finally received my payment from them. It took a little over a month..

  12. Someone knows if there are commission if you don't use the program?
    I just subscribe to the program but I realized that is shit.
    So can I delete my account? Do you know if there are fees or tax as I created the partnership with aliexpress?

  13. You got payment ???

  14. Low commision rate, but the massive amount of products on the network sound appealing – I see they are using CJ now, so maybe it's better

  15. its been a while. have you received your payment? their service is just horrible

  16. what aliexpress affiliate program you recomended?

  17. you get payment now from aliexpress?

  18. You are a guy that no one wants to have business with. 1.5 months of waiting period in today's market is 0 even though it's a wire transfer. I am lucky if I get Adsense or Amazon payments in 1.5 months after month with earning has ended. Very lucky.

  19. yes this is shit 

  20. do you get the payment now?

  21. Hello,
    I joined this aff.program today but i cannot find any help with how to add my tracking ID to any product. Could you guide me though this?
    Thank you 🙂

  22. Hi mate, I have to resort to you because the aliexpress support is nil. 
    I do not understand if I enter my IBAN code completely, or just the code own (without country code and control code) 

    Look this is my code IBAN will complete DE165123080065 ******* 

    They have already rejected me introduce payment in full (after waiting 45 days) 

    You have already received payment?

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