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rusty78609…This program via Amazon may help YouTubers to earn further $…and doesn’t add to the price of the product…you may contact me by mail to: Rusty, POB 1446, Kingsland Tx 78639 or PayPal to…Thanks!

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14 thoughts on “AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM…and other stuff!

  1. Rusty, great idea about 911 link for emergency. Hope that it works and you get a payment for the idea. Great driving video again. I really like them. Hopefully you will get some rain and not bad winds. Be glad when the camping works into your schedule again. Stay safe and happy adventuring. Love Joyce

  2. rusty78609…This program thru Amazon can help YouTubers to earn extra $…and does not add to the cost of the product…you can contact me by mail to: Rusty, POB 1446, Kingsland Tx 78639 or PayPal to! PUT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE!

    So I can find it every time I want to order from Amazon .

  3. One day we meet. I move to West Texas next summer. 🇱🇷

  4. finally rusty. I think i suggested this like 6 – 8 months ago. Thanks for coming around to my comment suggestion!! your channel needs this :).

  5. Hey Rusty, a great thing about the Amazon affiliate program –> When someone clicks on your link, you get a commission on everything they buy within that shopping session, not just the specific item you linked to.

  6. Some of your younger viewers may not know, but when I was a kid, before there were satellites, the only way we knew a hurricane was coming was the "weather ships" stationed off the coast of Cape Cod. If it started to rain in hurricane season, those radios on the ships better be working to let us know if it was a hurricane or not.

  7. I know you aren't on the coast of Texas, but are you in danger at all with hurricane Harvey? Just worrying about you!

  8. On your next video I will look for your affiliate information.

  9. That is how updates get enabled. Even with Apple!

  10. I live in Spring, TX and we are hunkering down in place. We have been through hurricanes before. In my days as a young high schooler I worked part time for my next door neighbor and we were working in the old Edson Hotel in Beaumont Texas. Watched the eye of the hurricane come right over us and it moved a bunch of cars over up to the the right until everyone was genteelly moved right up to the next one. They had to have a fork lift lift each vehicle and move it away from the next car.

  11. At least the storm will cool things off here in Houston. We get Summers from hell.🔥👹🔥

  12. Rusty, you should be able to use a mouse with your Chromebook. My son's high school issued Chromebooks to students this year. Next thing I knew the new wireless mouse I had just bought for a desk top had been hooked up to his Chromebook. This might help you with your Affiliate links.

  13. In California we call roads like 281 deserted.

  14. see..even in your 70s, you can learn new tricks.. keep polishing that Diamond!!

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