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Amazon Affiliate Program Paying 12% Commission Bonus in November for Native Ads

This ought to be of curiosity to any of you on the market who use the Amazon Associates program which is Amazon’s affiliate program.

For the whole month of November Amazon is providing a 12% fee charge versus the conventional four% fee charge. This nice fee charge is obtainable for you the whole month of November, solely catch is it is solely good for Native advertisements. If your utilizing textual content advertisements or hyperlinks you may nonetheless get your regular four% fee, nonetheless any sales or referrals that you simply ship to Amazon utilizing the Native advertisements you’ll obtain 12%.

This is definitely fairly massive information. Amazon sells loads good on their very own, they actually do not want us associates anymore now that they’re a family identify so it is fairly cool they’re providing this deal. I think about they’re attempting to push extra associates into utilizing Native advertisements.

A typical grievance amongst Amazon Affiliates in the previous was the low fee at four% contemplating most Amazon purchases are smaller so this will likely get a few of you in utilizing it.

I might love for those who guys report again and share some suggestions with utilizing Native advertisements in addition to the way you wound up doing on your November commissions.

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9 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Program Paying 12% Commission Bonus in November for Native Ads

  1. Do you have to pay?

  2. does amazon only pay when products are shipped through your link or one's you ship a certain amount of products you get certain commision

  3. Hey man I think I found a good product to order through either alibaba and or aliexpress. I havent ordered anything in bulk yet and am kind of skeptical. Is there any way i can contact you and run the product by you to see what your advice or opinion would be on it?

  4. Love the videos and your approach; super informative. I have a lot of around 30 used (working) lcd computer monitors, all name brand, that I aquired from a business that converted to new led monitors. Do you think I'm better off trying to sell these locally via Offerup or Letgo, or should I attempt to sell on a regular online marketplace/platform and ship? My only issue is buying the right shipping materials to pack them properly to avoid damage while in transit.

  5. Well, as Fight Game said, adblock does indeed block these native ads. Ok, that was to be expected. But the sales I am getting credit for are not paying 12%. They are still at the usual rate (currently 6%). I created a separate Tracking ID just for these native ads, so I know these aren't sales from my text links. Does this sounds familiar to anyone?

  6. Hey man. It seems with every day that goes photos/videos become more important than words. I was thinking today, what do you think about the strategy of going picture/video only for ecommerce products? Using the description box as a short promotional message like we'll ship your item same day, money back guarantee etc? I use a platform similar to ebay but it's country orientated. It's basically the same thing but for New Zealand. I get pretty decent turnover but I still have down weeks which do my head in. On some of my items I have 20+ watchers but only a handful or less of buyers which drives me nuts. There isn't video support but you can 20 free pictures. I'm forever trying to work out how to turn 'watchers' into buyers and this was one of my ideas.

  7. Sorry if this sounds stupid but what is a native ad?

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  9. love u a work

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