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Amazon Affiliate Program Registration – How To Get Approved FAST!

E-commerce Training – Learn Ebay, Bonanza & Amazon

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33 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Program Registration – How To Get Approved FAST!

  1. I got approved in the UK and i didnt even have content on my blog. Made it in 5 minutes loool, but thanks man.

  2. Thank you So Much Jacque!!!!! You really helped my beginning!!!!

  3. I applied many times and my website makes good sales but get denied!

  4. Thank you!

  5. great video.
    do you know if you can use a different website for affiliate marketing after signing up with amazon and showing amazon a different website/blog?

  6. I've got a question about the tax and payment portion of the Amazon
    Affiliate sign up. Social Security Number (SSN), EIN Employer
    Identification Number or TIN Taxpayer identification number. Which do you suggest, and what do you use? Thanks

  7. Question: So if Teemo wants to make an instagram affiliate link on his instagram, he should put" under "Your Website list" or under "your Mobile App List"? @ 2:44 of this video.('i've done under "Your Website List"). Hope it's ok. =D

  8. im still at 2min of this video but Teemo is already convinced this is a very helpfull video!! 😀 Thumbs up!

  9. Thank you for this video.  I am a newbie and had been trying to figure out how to get approved as an Amazon affiliate.  I tried a number of sites, but they were of no help. After following your instructions, I finally have been approved by Amazon as an affiliate.  Thank you so much!

  10. Very informative and educative indeed, thanks a ton …!!

  11. Hi Jacque, I am having a hard time getting approved for the Amazon affiliate program. The rejection said:
    – Lack of content which is original to your site and beneficial to your visitors
    – Pages that are mainly empty when advertisement content is removed
    My website is…any suggestions??

  12. Hey could you put your facebook account? as your website?

  13. Thank you. This really helps.

  14. Great video!

  15. Good video! But
    Jacque is not pronounced Jack & Niche is not pronounced nitch

  16. Great video! Quick question I made a WordPress site for a future YouTube channel in Spanish and used this as my site, I was rejected because of the site not being eligible or something like that. Could this be because it was in Spanish or mainly because of lack of content since I only had a few place holder posts? Thanks in advance!

  17. S/T Guy, I tried to sign-up to get the Free, but received: "InstaNiche Is Sold Out." You need to get busy to make this money! You latest post is dated. Hello!

  18. When creating an Amazon account, I will not accept my telephone. Please advise.

  19. Thanks God someone speaks English, without the foreign accent!

  20. after you being approved from that stevensmith website, are you able to link your amazon affiliate to a different website?

  21. Great! I have been trying to go through the registration process but the phone verification process is not working. this is what I get "sorry we could not send the verification code. Try later". I will be grateful if I can get help to complete the registration, thank you

  22. Thanks for those info, very useful 👍

  23. Hi Jacque. Great video! You did mention in your video that you would let us know where to find the content to add to our blog. I watched in its entirety but did not see any information regarding that. Can you still help with that piece of it?

  24. Great video, simple and easy to follow. Will this work with a wordpress account? Weebly seemed easy to do! Thanks for the video

  25. Hello Jack!
    Awesome tutorial! Clear and easy to follow. I followed your steps to subscribe as an affiliate (associate) in Amazon and when I reach to the very end the image if the characters I must type to hit "next" does not appear! I tried with a different browser and same issue. PLEASE HEP! S.O.S.

  26. Hi Jacques…I'm from srilanka.your video was very informative for a sri Lankan will they approve my account?pls advice me on this.

  27. Hi how to get Weebly link to put up in Amazon associate?

  28. i would rather go with clickbank then amazon because clickbank pays you weekly direct deposit paypal or check and with amazon you have to wait a whole 2 months to get paid so to me if your trying to do it as your fulltime job to get residual income to take care of your weekly-monthly expenses like rent groceries and personal shopping i would say amazon isnt worth it even though they are very popular even thought i shop with them myself and love them i wasnt recommend there affiliate program unless you have a regular job on top of that so waiting 2 months to get paid doesn’t make that big of a difference to you i feel that it benefits the shoppers more then it does the affiliate’s so clickbank is a much better option if you need faster income from your work i would take weekly payment over 2 month payment any day and so should you and thats my honest word

  29. Great video, Thanks Jacque!

  30. Great video thanks for sharing

  31. awesome training👍

  32. awesome training👍

  33. Thank You So So Much..

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