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Amazon Affiliate Program Rules: Don’t Get Banned!

Find out the best way to get banned by Amazon for those who do not comply with these guidelines

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12 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Program Rules: Don’t Get Banned!

  1. can u tell me , if my account banned then it affect my gamil account ? , my anotner que is that can i click my own link of affiliate or purchase from my link , plz rply ?
    i sub u n waiting for ur rply

  2. Hi, I hope you can answer my question I see a lot of Youtube videos that have Amazon Affiliated Links in the Description box, is that aloud on Youtube? I see creators with 1 million subs doing this but I've also seen a few videos where it said don't do this because Youtube will banned your acct. I asked youtube and they will not answer the question that's the answer I really got. Thank you

  3. fuck amazon

  4. Good information. . . . 😉

  5. Cloaking – not clocking – ( clow – king).

  6. Does age Matter

  7. suck i cant create affiliate acount i cant verify my phonenumber Amazon is prohibited from making calls to the number you have entered. Please enter a different phone number and try again.

  8. I have great ideas for advertising with Amazon, but I'm so jaded with online marketing that it seems like whenever you start making real money then you get suspended for whatever reason.

  9. do I have to have a website or can I use youtube to do my promotions on?

  10. whats the age restriction for the program

  11. can i sell someone else's product as an amazon affiliate on my website

  12. Thanks for the video. I'm new to the associates program and haven't even linked anything yet. I have to read through the agreement and everything carefully first. Would you mind if I used the Affiliate Disclosure notice that you showed in the video on my site?

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