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Amazon Associates Affiliate Program CHANGES TERMS | Affiliate Programs Typically Get Worse Over Time

Amazon has modified the phrases of their Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. This is not stunning or distinctive to Amazon it occurs to plenty of affiliate applications.

Typically Affiliate Programs begin out very profitable as a result of an organization does not wish to spend huge money on promoting and is making an attempt to develop their business. What higher manner than to recruit a military of associates to advertise them in return for a small fee or reduce of the sales.

This works out nicely for each associates and the corporate. Over time nevertheless as the corporate grows they start to suppose they’re an enormous title and not “want” associates to assist them so they start chopping the fee charges, decreasing the cookie occasions, or fully cancelling the applications.

This is principally what Amazon is doing. For some individuals this may increasingly work out higher. If you occur to be in one of many niches with a 7% or 10% flat fee construction it could possibly be an enchancment for you.

This may be higher for individuals who beforehand weren’t hitting the upper fee tiers and have been caught at four% fee charges.

For lots of the associates hitting their greater teirs commissions nevertheless this program might be a downgrade and you’ll most likely be incomes much less.

What classes can we take away from this?

1. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, do not be reliant on a single affiliate program.

2. The large companies like eBay and Amazon aren’t essentially the very best affiliate applications to join.

three. For these of you who’re going to stay with Amazon chances are you’ll wish to think about focusing on the classes with greater commissions and/or the particular bounties.

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17 thoughts on “Amazon Associates Affiliate Program CHANGES TERMS | Affiliate Programs Typically Get Worse Over Time

  1. ok sir, but what is the best way to earn online and where to earn.

  2. Is this through Oct. 27th? Is it completely ending?

  3. i noticed most of your videos are negatively focused.

  4. how to get so many subscribers as you plz tell

  5. Amazon sucks !!!

  6. If you're selling over $50,000 for amazon per month, you're wasting your talents.

  7. Serious question Rebel. Lets say you buy a product and you are able to get it pretty cheap. You remove their tag and sew on your own and place it in your packaging with your logo on it. Im talking about if your able to get a product for a few dollars and add a few dollars to make the total about 5 bucks on your end. Is this fraud? Im asking because in my eyes this is considered private labeling but done in house. Let me know your thoughts…. We all know marketing and packaging.. the company image can be the key. like all those stupid no good for you frozen diners.. yet every one thinks its owned by an old 200 year old lady with victorian clothing… more like 7 dollar an hour workers on a assembly line….
    I dont want to do anything to get trouble but your input is valued…..
    I guess to give you an example but this is not it…. If you bought a pair of levis and used your own label and marketed them as a pair of jeans for the girl on a budget with luxury taste….. anyways love the channel.

  8. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I'll say it again: "Amazon is nobody's friend. They will use you until they no longer need you." They have grown so big, they no longer need affiliates, so they make the associate's program less and less enticing.

  9. Hey brother, I wanted to speak with you on doing coaching lessons with you and just speaking with you in general but mostly on buying products and selling it and branding it. How to choose a product, is it a good price, is it going to sell, and basically understand step by step. If you can leave me your email and we can talk about what videos I should watch and what I should have before like a certain amount of cash to be used and your prices. I'll give you more detail on me in personal emails.

  10. Hi. That really sucks a Donkey Wang. It seems that Amazon sales would go down by doing this? How could it not? This is going to just make people stop the affiliate with Amazon? But it's still basically free to do anyways? You have to drive the traffic, Website? WordPress !! That takes a little money. But if you do it right, affiliate marketing can still make you some money. especially if your able to drive about 200 or 300 people a day to Amazon. Take care. Hawk out!!

  11. I can tell you're having a bad day …. may tomorrow be better ! : )

  12. Thanks for the update! I was just about to start into affiliate marketing. I have a physical product business that is starting to move and grow on its own which is giving me more time to look at new revenue streams. Affiliate marketing seems very enticing, have you made any recent videos on how to find good affiliate programs. Since the industry looks to be changing all the time, how did you start your journey into affiliate marketing. Did you begin a general blog/twitter or did you niche down? There is so much info out there that it all seems to point in different directions. Ive followed you for awhile and you seem to shoot it straight, just curious on your take at this point.

  13. of course as soon as i start taking action towards affiliate marketing amazon lowers the fees…just my luck….but anyways thank you so much for the heads up…very appreciative of you taking the time to make a video about it

  14. what category would Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, battery packs, etc be in?

  15. They took down my marijuana flag t-shirt too. My own design – completely unique – no way there could be a copyright or TM claim. Fuck Amazon!

  16. fak amazon, not not only they are expensive to clients, a pain to sellers and they just cut off the affiliates…. 4% of a whole of nothing. not worth it.

  17. Man this sucks, luckily my blog hits a lot of categories so I'm not effected that bad. Definitely gonna start promoting digital video games more haha. Also when they say "PC, PC Components" does that encompass electronics, because electronics and computers is a much broader category.

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