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Beethoven Moonlight 3rd Movement – Mark Salman

This is a clip from the collection “Beethoven and his 32 Piano Sonatas – A Musical Universe” Vol. 1. with pianist Mark Salman and host David Dubal. Commentary and full performances of piano sonatas nos.1 and 14.

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32 thoughts on “Beethoven Moonlight 3rd Movement – Mark Salman

  1. Beethoven would shake his head, but i like the way he plays it.

  2. my favourite interpretation

  3. Being a total amateur, it's difficult for me to fault the interpretation, score, et al, but I think this piece done by absolutely anybody, halfway correct, is an accomplishment beyond any I could hope for, as well as damned good!

  4. Go to 7:45 of Valentina's version….

  5. Too heavy on the pedal. Like Valentina's rendition a lot better. This one is way too showy….

  6. I watched this video more than thousands times even during I am sleeping I repeated this video again and again, Mark's playing is so powerful, but different from other powerful pianists. I believe the way he steps on the pedals are different.
    sometimes people only focus on fingers, however I believe feet movement is also important, isn't it?

  7. bravissimo Mark Salman

  8. guaauuuuuuuuuu excelent !

  9. Better than Beethoven! In my opinion.

  10. "Sonata quasi una fantasia" is the name of this piece. This title mandates that the player have flexibility with regard to the tempo in certain areas. Salman's interpretation is not only correct, it is probably the best I've heard.

  11. I much prefer Lisitsas version.

  12. Presto Agitato – божественна!
    Отличное исполнение, приятно было послушать

  13. some parts are at perfection, but some parts are played with such amateur perception. Dont know what to say really..

  14. Слышь, на Бритни Спирс ремиксы делай. Рахманыча не трожь! Че за вольная интерпретация, а? )

  15. very powerful non-standard interpretation !

  16. I cant believe people are actually bitching about his interpretation. Look at it this way, if you do not like his performance, simply go watch another one. This is what makes playing the piano fascinating, while he may not be following the score (tempo, markings etc) he is showing his passion through the playing and its always great to hear different interpretations of music. The beautiful thing about music is that you can play it in many ways, how boring would it be if we heard the same interpretation over and over again? I love the way he plays, he shows passion, anger and sadness throughout the piece. If you are a typical "play it like the score says" freak, then you my friend have no music imagination.

  17. Before you try to stick up a stick up this man's ass, I want to see you upload you playing the 3rd Movement. So shut the f*ck up, and stick that stick up your own ass.
    This man is doing an excellent job!

  18. If you think this is good, just search up Wilhelm Kempff and watch him play this!!

  19. hahahaha

  20. Chopin is playing Beethoven!

  21. People need to stop complaining about the tempo. It's be all means not to fast and he can add rubato as he wishes.

  22. like his hair :d

  23. And still not asian…

  24. So many pianists have catered to the romantic, uneducated masses who like this piece slow and tranquil. Slow and tranquil? Thats what the 1st and 2nd movement are for!
    The 3rd movement is called PRESTO AGITATO for a reason! Its supposed to bring a JOLT to your spine! Agitation! Without mercy! Without respite! The fiery wrath of BeethoveN!

  25. He plays it a bit like Glen Gould – for my liking too fast, but that is a question of interpretation. Some like it very agitato, others not so much, but he is able to play it properly – the rest is opinion, I think. For my liking, the expressive parts are a bit overdone… but overall a very good interpretation..

  26. Beethoven goes HAM. 

  27. Would love to invite him over, but mom wont allow anyone with that mad musical genius haircut at the dinner table.

  28. great!

  29. yeah me too. i like this interpretation

  30. 6:28 i like this interpretation alot.

  31. Valentina lisitsa. Watch

  32. The tempo is way to fast

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