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BlueHost Affiliate Program – Everything You Need To Know

Bluehost is among the top notch Webhosting and so they pay $65/sale to their associates. In this video, you’ll find out about Bluehost Affiliate marketing.

Sign up for Bluehost Affiliate program:

Learn what’s Affiliate Marketing:

The assortment of Webhosting Affiliate Programs:

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9 thoughts on “BlueHost Affiliate Program – Everything You Need To Know

  1. Can you please guide me how to share blue host affilate url on facebook page
    Please help me

  2. hey harsh great video but how you become affiliate member of blue host i try to become affiliate and i made they ask me to tax information and cannot understand.

  3. when I tried to sign up, the asked for a primary URL. what is that suppose to mean?

  4. Thank you man

  5. Harsh Thank you for the tutorial. I signed up for the program and it says that i should submit tax information. What does that mean? What should I submit?

  6. Hey Harsh, do the new sign ups have to have an active account for three months before you get paid? Or do you get paid right away? If they don't keep an account for three months or more, do you lose the referral payment? I am asking this question from the new terms on the site. Thanks!

  7. harsh can you tell me how to generate discount codes for clients

  8. Do you need a LLC, Business License? 

  9. I have signed up as a Bluehost affiliate. I've got one question: How soon do sign-ups show up in your account stats? I've got a couple of hundred unique clicks, but I have not seen any sign-ups. Do I have to wait 90 days before a sign-up is shown in my stats?


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