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Can Women Become Addicted to Semen Like a Drug?

Can Women Become Addicted to Semen Like a Drug?

Can girls change into addicted to semen, as if it have been some type of drug? Surprisingly, scientific research say, “sure.”

This would possibly increase some eyebrows amongst feminists, however scientific results do present this to be the case. They should not certain precisely why (chemically), however girls can change into reliant on a man’s semen.

The semen should be launched vaginally and never orally. Orally it would not appear to have any have an effect on, in all probability as a result of the contents of the semen get damaged down and denatured from the abdomen acids. The affective-chemical part is rendered ineffective throughout this technique of utility.

What scientists have discovered, is that when a girl has vaginal intercourse with a man; and the person ejaculates within her, that the semen, if it isn’t washed out instantly, will get absorbed by the liner of the vagina and makes its method into the bloodstream. Once the semen has been absorbed, it has been discovered that it not solely aids in relieving nervousness and despair in girls, but additionally cuts down on the ache, discomfort, and cramps that happen with the pre-menstrual cycle.

It’s discovered that, after a lengthy time frame of semen launched into the vagina throughout intercourse, that the girl will get used to the optimistic impacts of the semen. If the semen is immediately stopped from being deposited in the vagina, then the girl may have a return of related menstrual discomfort and elevated nervousness and despair. She will then have “semen withdrawls” and change into extra offended, hypersensitive, and irritable.

Biologically it has some logic in its nature of impact. While a man frequently makes sperm, day-after-day and night-after-night, a girl solely releases an egg as soon as a month for fertilization. So the organic cause for “intercourse” as a type of simply creating youngsters is appreciable lessened, as a girl is barely fertile for a quick time frame per 30 days. However, there may be an ancillary “pleasure” aspect of the sexual act that makes intercourse, at any time, pleasurable for each the person and the girl. This is without doubt one of the incentives that helps hold collectively, in that, intercourse shouldn’t be just for creation functions, however that it is usually for pleasurable functions.

This being the case, having intercourse for pleasurable functions, regardless of creation functions, permits a man and a girl to interact in the sexual act on a extra frequent foundation, due to the reward of enjoyment. Could or not it’s that that is chemically associated to the organic concept that a man will, thus, deposit his semen in a girl on a extra frequent foundation?

Who is aware of, actually. Nature is kind of complicated and we actually, actually, do not know a lot about how she operates.

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