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Championship Ashe Skin Spotlight – Pre-Release – League of Legends

This is a teaser highlight of Championship Ashe with ingame gameplay!
Purchase RP right here and assist assist this channel by way of the amazon affiliate program (NA):
Price: 1350 RP

Skin identify is CONFIRMED as Championship Ashe, particles & SFX will not be remaining.
Check out the opposite skins in this cycle.

Full Skin Spotlight shall be launched in the close to future which can go extra indepth.

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40 thoughts on “Championship Ashe Skin Spotlight – Pre-Release – League of Legends

  1. But also she was played a lot this season.

  2. Riot really loves giving Ashe more skins.

  3. Il give up for the rengar skins -.-

  4. Damn, Ashe gets some lovely skins.

    I already have Heartseeker Ashe which I like, but this looks really good.

  5. great skin . for all those people hating over this your silly and grow up , you dont own the game and dont decide on what gets done so get over it

  6. I need this but i have no clue how to get it so.. great.. probably my favorite skin but.. yea.. kms

  7. não lança uma pro rengar

  8. You always complain about "this skin is ugly blah", why don't you guys just create your own skins, you are pros anyway

  9. what?i donot like it

  10. more like Dawnbringer Ashe

  11. Subscribe ❤️❤️❤️🔙☑️🤞🏽

  12. Still waiting for a new Yorick skin…

  13. Omfg wasting skin for ashe

  14. Does this mean there will be a Championship event?

  15. Doesn't seem like it's worth 1350 to me, 975 fits this price tag way more.. this is especially because heart seeker has similar, if not better fx, although being 975.

  16. Day 251: Riot still havent made a Star Guardian Urgod Ultimate Skin.

  17. C9 Ashe

  18. Ashe :/ why no twitch-skin. Or a evil series of champs 🙁

  19. I waiting buy ZED championship skin when be in the store 🙂


  21. Project:Ashe <3

  22. MORE SKINS FOR ASHE,stupid rito

  23. ………

  24. BUT I DONT PLAY ADC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ya veo venir mi recompensa :3 s esta wai

  26. minuto 2:02 la flecha se mueve wtf

  27. It's looks like more Victorius than Championship

  28. this will cost 250 rp here in Philippines for sure

  29. I love that skin!

  30. This should be the default for ashe

  31. Anyone know when the championship skins will go back on sale again? ( you know i want that zed skin )

  32. The new Championship TrASHE

  33. Star guardian ashe

  34. another Ashe skin…

  35. Championship syndra would be better 🐸

  36. better than SKT skins

  37. Useless

  38. This look more like a victorious skin

  39. Cersei lannister wtf

  40. I do not like the speed of the bow, and the color band of the gown, do not you see? Hair color and effect is very beautiful, Skill E is not very nice, make it shimmer. I like to play ashe.

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