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Changes to Amazon’s Affiliate Program March 1st, 2017 and Affiliate Goals

On March 1st, 2017 Amazon will change their fee system for his or her affiliate program. People are mad, per traditional.

Straight up, in case your finish objective is being an affiliate marketer you are a goober.

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5 thoughts on “Changes to Amazon’s Affiliate Program March 1st, 2017 and Affiliate Goals

  1. As well gonna get into etsy beaded bracelet game lol

  2. I agree I learned the hard way Amazon doesn't care I still use em but now I added grasscity for stoners , I use terrorthreads for horror niche , eBay for a lot of em !! As well some cam sites for my adult twitters !! Diversifying is essential

  3. hey buddy you brought up an interesting topic in internet marketers. i made a video about this yesterday. i think there's two paths people take. you have affiliate marketers who create affiliate sites ie MFA made for adsense or amazon review sites. these sites imho dont really provide value.

    then you have bloggers and content creators who happen to use affiliate links. these people imho add muhc more value and in the long run will do better.

  4. also by the way appreciate the assistance on the mic a couple weeks back dont recall if i thanked you for that or not. i wound up getting rid of the condensor mic and phantom power. looking at picking up a blue ice or something. let me know if you have any suggetsions for a simple usb mic. thanks bro

  5. great video man. i can't say im shocked by this. amazon is on my shit list. first they give me a intellectual property infringement strike for selling legit MLB merch i bought from a licensed distributor. this goes directly against their TOS as A. its not intellectual property infringement and right in their operating agreement it says they wont get in the middle of disputes about distribution rights ie mlb doesn't want people selling their stuff on ebay or amazon. anyhow its amazon so they dont have to follow their rules.

    then more recently they take down my kush shirt for intellectual property despite the fact i desigend and made it and it infringes on nothing.

    this is just another example of amazon shitting on everyone and doing what they want. anyone who builds a business on amazon is setup for disapointment. im not bitter b/c i could give a shit about them, use them dont let them use you.

    i notice this is kind of the trend of affiliate programs. new growing company gets sick of paying for ads, hey i have this genius idea lets get affilates to build our business. affiliates help build the business, business then says hey were a big name we dont need to pay these idiots and starts cutting commissions, reducing cookie times, etc. plays itself out over and over ticketmaster, netflix, ali express.

    lesson to learn dont rely on any one platform, never rely on a third party, use them dont be used by them, diversify, get in early and get your money.

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