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Deadbeat Goes From $0 to $10,000 a Month With Amazon Affiliate Program

Going from $zero to $10,000 a month on Amazon is kind of an accomplishment. I fellow Deadbeat despatched me a video about how he put my strategies into motion to go from zero a month to over 10okay a month with the Amazon affiliate program… surpassing my very own Amazon affiliate revenue! Totally happy with this Deadbeat!

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48 thoughts on “Deadbeat Goes From $0 to $10,000 a Month With Amazon Affiliate Program

  1. Nice..I have a URL from G+-:I am on EPN…Zero traffic/sales…what gives?
    Blue collar wrench..I'm at the top of search Eng…help needed..thanks!

  2. change your dress

  3. I like Affiliate marking you don't have to pay sale tax. But you do have to pay about 39% over the year earning at tax time.

  4. Hey Dan! What do you think of Azon Authority? Should I implement it in my website.

  5. i'm very interested

  6. how do you spell Fake Testimonial

  7. hi sir . how t aval in your deadbeat affiliate?

  8. how much is the DSA system ?

  9. he really sound like a guy from fiverr u paid to make a review video.

  10. Hey Dan Brock, Your videos are awesome. I just need to Know a few things, can you become an affiliate on and i am a South African, is it possible for me to become an amazon affiliate and earn in USD?

  11. Hey my friend, if I earn 10,000 dollars per month, I will use that money to help poor people, to educate poor people, to educate the working class on how to change the world

  12. Is the system on your website up to date or is it the 2015 version?

  13. hello, I am a current amazon affiliate and I would like more info on how to get more traffic and sales through my site. could we email by chance?

  14. Awesome tips Dan. You're the man. You've given me a simple road map to get back on the horse after the pengiun hit in 2012! That's a long time to be off the affiliate horse. Lol

  15. how does the amazon affiliate program work with twitch

  16. What type of traffic source does your system teach Dan?

  17. @deadbeat super affiliate how do you persuade people that are on your website to actually click the link and purchase the product cz i recently signed for amazon associates and the ads are showing up as expected on my blog but still my earnings are 0$ please help me with this

  18. Dan, your videos are great because they are short and to the point!

  19. does amazon only pay when products are shipped through your link or one's you ship a certain amount of products you get certain commision. Plz reply

  20. thanks!!

  21. would you ever work with Aspire or Clickbank

  22. does amazon affiliate work on blogs that are made by blogger

  23. I want to buy your system, Im a dutch guy with a dutch bank account, I usually purchase things through Ideal

    any idea how I can pay?

  24. You fucking send too many emails.

  25. Hey Dan, whats your honest opinion on Amazon store builders like Azon & Fresh store…etc?

  26. Buying your system today

  27. Dan the man !!

  28. I agree that things take work for them to work. For no one can have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.

  29. Does anybody know if you can have two separate products featured (on the product panel) on separate pages? Second question, has anyone else had difficulty using the deatbeat theme with other themes (likely because you had started a website prior).

  30. Hello, any way I can contact you personally

  31. hi
    Bro. I would like start work . How to start.

  32. hi can you help me to start earing with clickbank or any affiliate prog all i have now is 30 dollar , i lost all may money in binary options and start 6 month ago with clikbank and still 0 dollars hhh can you help me and i will share evrey income with you if you want

  33. hey dan .. I want to buy your program but I do not have a credit card and so I am not able to get the transaction done. is there any other way in which I can buy your program. Plz reply

  34. Hey Dan was trying to get a hold of you I purchased some of your products what's the best way to Direct message you

  35. Hey i want to create a "HEALTH BLOG" can you please suggest me some good free theme on wordpress? i wanna ad affiliate links and adsense for monetization!!! please reply! Thanks 😀

  36. hey deadbeat affiliate! What do you think of those autofollowers for pinterest and instagram/? do you have any experience with them? if so whats a safe one? i keep hearing stories of people getting viruses from them

  37. how much is the system?

  38. Hey, Dan! (or whoever may comment with some tips) I have been going through your Deadbeat Superaffiliate Reloaded program and absolutely love it! i am learning so much and i am very passionate about the product(s) i am reviewing/setting up affiliate links for…but as i am still in development, i have a few questions…

    my main page is focused on promoting a somewhat pricey "greens powder" that i really find beneficial so i have several affiliate links to that product on my page…..but as i am developing some additional pages as i follow along with your course, i have been talking about some other beneficial health related supplements that i use and find to be very helpful for anyone (multivitamin supplements, herbs, teas, etc)….so i was planning on adding several different amazon affiliate links to those products as well as i describe them. would that be ok to do on that new page of my site??

    i don't want to be adding too many different links, but as i go along with this site building, i plan to use it as a main source/blog for other various nutritional supplement reviews and recommendations that will contain affiliate links as well.

    i have a background in psychology and marketing and have worked in the health supplement industry for years so i feel pretty confident about my work thus far, i just want to make sure i'm not overdoing it with various affiliate links and marketing it as properly as possible so when i actually do launch it i get a decent amount of traffic ( as we all want )

    i plan to do some other affiliate sites in the future as well but i've become very focused about this one site i'm building as i'm very passionate and knowledgeable (imo) about the subject matter. i feel like maybe i'm spending TOO much time on this first one, but eh, we shall see.

    any comments/feedback will be greatly appreciated!


  39. is this channel for affiliate thing only? im a total and complete rookie when it comes to making websites, social media, and accounts. i have doubts about how many accounts to manage (yes that kind of doubts) is this suited for me? or for people with more background and exp?

  40. Do you recommend working on multiple affiliate websites at a time? Or just focusing on one? I currently made one that I think is pretty great and I don't know if I should keep focusing on that one or start working on another while doing. My new one has only been up for a few days and I'm waiting for the fiverr guys to do my backlinks.

  41. Great video, I just ask that you remember when you have 100k subs here in a few months.

  42. Do You have any more testimonies of people that made it with your program and I didnt see a link to your program in the description. I know im asking allot but what program are you using to make your captions to your youtube videos they are awesome

  43. After watching many of your YouTube videos I finally bought your Deadbeat SuperAffiliate System! Just ordered a mic so let's start doing this!
    I already knew a lot about affiliate marketing and I already took action and created a site… But it didn't seem to work… Yesterday I bought your system and I already learned many things I can do better! And the way you approach things it's really "lazy" affiliate marketing, I like that.
    Being lazy is a good thing, because you'll find ways to do things more effciently!

    Summarizing this comment in two words: Thanks Dan 😉

  44. Did King Human send you to replace Lazy ass Stoner?

  45. I'm learning that one of the secrets to succeeding with affiliate marketing is that you have to work on the foundation of your business.

    For example, a blog site would be the foundation. Once the content is in place then focusing on the promotion parts….I.e. the 3 stack video method…promoting those videos to blogger and Google+, etc.

    But the foundation has to be in place first before doing anything else.

  46. How is CJ affiliate marketing vs Clickbank affiliate marketing which has good conversion rate and less return process?
    I m thinking for doing a new programme for 3 Years Please suggest me the best. 🙂

  47. dude if you were a pokemon you would need a masterball to catch….. legendary status

  48. Thanks for putting out these daily videos man – great advice! Gotta get your full system soon!

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