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Do NOT Join the Twitch Affiliate Program! (Consider This First)

There are issues to think about when provided a Partnership, or Affiliation, with ANY firm… This video outlines a couple of issues to think about earlier than turning into a Twitch Affiliate. NOTE: Since this video was created the Affiliate program now additionally permits Subscribe buttons to all Twitch Affiliates. This is a 50%/50% break up between Twitch and Affiliates (the similar as Partners).

Twitch ToS:
Twitch Affiliate Agreement:
Bits Acceptable Use Policy:

Come for the hilarity, keep for the “healthful household content material.” — Watch reside at Twitch.Tv/Norg0z

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24 thoughts on “Do NOT Join the Twitch Affiliate Program! (Consider This First)

  1. Was very helpful nice video. I made the decision to become an affiliate. I have a long road ahead of me and hope I can provide quality content and make tons of new friends. Thanks for the great video.

  2. Ok i know im late but i have a quick question i've read through some of the comments and i saw something saying twitch wont terminate my program or charge as long as im not inactive for about 12 months right? so then if im active and i haven't reached $100 in 12 months then they wont charge me? Im sorry im just very confused right now

  3. Norgoz I am a twitch affiliate I want to grow my channel and would like your input please and thank you. if not I do understand. I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Thank you for your advice

  5. thanks for the vid, like the shirt! I still need to read the terms of service ( :-O ) but up to now I've streamed to Twitch and YouTube simultaneously. I wonder if that's okay… If not, that's okay as I'm playing a different game that I usually stream on twitch from what I normally stream on YouTube. So, if you know offhand it would be great to know, but don't go out of your way to look it up. Thanks!

  6. Hi this comment might be late and for that I would like to apologize. I appreciate your video you cleared some of the major points and the questions I had about those points for this I thank you. The only question I have is about the taxes. Does twitch send you a W2 or a 1040 when tax season starts? Do you yourself have to do your own taxes and if so would you do your state tax? Or more lol sorry for the inconvenience but seriously thank you

  7. pretty clickbaity, cause you're just describing what the program is. not a terrible vid.

  8. I like the points you make. For me, it's rather moot point, as I haven't built up the viewership for it yet. (personally, I'd rather people want to watch me rather than worry about whether or not I'm making some set number or getting charged money I probably couldn't pay them anyway).

  9. Don't listen to this guy. If you want to go make money on Twitch, then go do it. The affiliate program is cool and in life, you should do cool things.

  10. your advice is not wrong, however your title is very hypocritical as yuo say NOT to join the affiliate program, yet you announce you did….

  11. Thanks for the information, I think its important for people to realize that there are realistic down sides and fine print to the program.

  12. This guy makes me want to join the program even more

  13. i signed up the the affiliate program.. and i would like to cansel it, i dont want the sub button or anything.. is there a way to cansel it?

  14. Hey man I got invited to join the program but I'm only 13, and I don't know how the tax thing would work so I wanted to hold it off a little bit…  If I could get some answers from you on how to go about this I would really appreciated… and if I did accept it with the supervision of a parent, I would have to pay the taxes because my mom wouldn't pay them… and I don't know how I would pay them?  I have a paypal account.  Will I pay it through that?

  15. So I got invited to it and to me all the policies seem fine to me as I don't plan to stream on any other platform nor uploading on any other platform. My only issue is that I am still wondering how the Tax works if I am underage. Does the tax go towards my parents? I got no clue on that.

  16. A friend of mine actually accepted the twitch affiliate program and signed up for that. now he wants to cancel it. Support isnt't helpful at all. Do you know how to cancel a running contract ? That would be nice. (and sorry for my bad english haha)

  17. so u say do not be affiliate title ur video but u did accept the affiliate for urself lol.. just a way to let people kno u got affiliate just make a video saayig that..

  18. I have been approved to do the affiliates program, but i am hesitant. It says we can not also be partners . I understand that. But does that mean we can never be partners? for instance, if one gets popular enough to become a partner could they quit the affiliate program and apply for the partnership? I have not found anything referring to this particular question.

  19. That part of the 24 hour period, as I understood you, your allowed to do what you want with it AFTER the 24 hour period is done.

  20. So, I'm not planning on restreaming anything for the first part of this video but does that mean I'm not aloud to take the stream and edit short funny parts for you tube videos?

  21. Its not even true, when you are INACTIVE for 12 months AND did not earn the 100$ you may have to pay 25$. The key word is AND here.

  22. So wait.. might be a dumb question. I would have to get 100,000 bits to not have to pay?

  23. Also important to note, that you can earn bits by watching 30 second interactive ads. Some of those ads pay out 50 or 100 bits. But most pay out 5 bits. So free "money" to aid your favorite streams.

  24. I like your haircut.

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