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Do NOT Join Twitch Affiliate Program! (CONSIDER THIS FIRST)

Twitch affiliate program may be good to make simple money enjoying video games, however please be taught the foundations and pointers and different essential details about the program earlier than you determine you may have what it takes!
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12 thoughts on “Do NOT Join Twitch Affiliate Program! (CONSIDER THIS FIRST)

  1. ok so what if you still stream and all that like your account still active but in that 12 months period you haven't made $100 (still making money from bits though), is twitch still going to close our account?

  2. So if I joined affiliate, is there any way to get out of it? I made 2 subs for example but in my revenue box it shows I only got 3.15$. So guess twitch takes more than 50/50 for a sub…should I open a ticket to them or something?

  3. I saw middle-big streamer with 30-40 subs. So they will get the money every time.

  4. Technically you have 12 months to make the 100 dollars so if you constantly keep streaming and pay attention to your viewers it could possibly happened

  5. i wonder where you got this title for the video from?

  6. well the start of this vid I LIKE cause it weeds out the streamers that dont really want it or is a waste of space

  7. i am able to become an affiliate but i am hesitant. I understand that we cannot be both an affiliate and partner. But, does that mean we can never become a partner? Like for instance, if you become an affiliate but eventually get large enough to become a partner can you quit the affiliate program and apply for the partnership?

  8. Vital info thx!

  9. I swear your one of the realest youtubers

  10. Is becoming a Twitch Affiliate a required thing for streaming? Or can you stream without having to pay fees and such?

  11. So I can't make SpadesGamin into an affiliate. Wow

  12. Frast Comment!

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