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Earn Up to 8% Commissions with the Walmart Affiliate Program No Cost Free

DeThe Affiliate Program is a means for you to earn commissions by inserting banner advertisements or textual content hyperlinks on your web site to refer clients to You’ll earn money each time a customer follows a hyperlink on your Web web site after which completes a qualifying buy at

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11 thoughts on “Earn Up to 8% Commissions with the Walmart Affiliate Program No Cost Free

  1. Hi Lykan!
    Do you have any idea why the "agree box" for the membership agreement is not working?
    I went on and tried to apply but would not let me complete it. The box looked like faded or not clikable!!! 🙁 …why do you think that happen? not accepting members anymore? I also tried to find a contact form there was non to communicate with them!!! ???
    Thank you J Likan

  2. How do you you know exactly the commission percentage being that it could very by the product that is sold?

  3. Do you have to pay every month to be a Walmart affiliate even if u make no sells?

  4. thank help man I was approve by walmart still new affilate program

  5. what if I don't have a website and how do I start one

  6. Rakuten? are they connected with Walmart??

  7. nice video thank you. I have a question.
    in today's technology world that I live in, i am scared to click anything on my computer screen, other than what I know for sure, that it is received from a trusted acquaintance, in case of an email, and / or a trusted source like a famous blog / yahoo/ google/ etc. The reason i am scared is because i do not want viruses in my computer. I am wondering, how do people know for sure that clicking on an advertisement will not download virus on my computer or phone. please clarify

  8. you just add banners and links to your website or sites and when ever someone clicks either the banner or link it'll take them to the site which in turn will lead to earning per click or affiliate commission.

  9. website?

  10. what if you have a websit

  11. thank you

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