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Emotes | League Of Legends

Emotes are coming quickly, learn extra right here:
Purchase RP right here and assist help this channel through the amazon affiliate program (NA):

When you mute a participant you additionally mute their emotes.
Emotes costs are nonetheless tentative however at time of video you get 1 free which is the thumbs up with the inexperienced define.
There are 21 emotes which you’ll buy for 450RP every, Riot do have plans to combine it into loot (hextech crafting) finally.

All footage was taken in sport.

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28 thoughts on “Emotes | League Of Legends

  1. why rant about paying… if youre not goin to buy it :/

  2. Meow..

  3. Ima play league again

  4. Time to spam Jinx emote.

  5. Where's the perma mute button?

  6. Riot you just fucked youself i'll spam the kitty emotes

  7. Always – Teemo emote if you win!

  8. Is this already available ?

  9. Lmao "omg this is gonna make people get even more angry!!!" Yea but yall are the ones getting angry and tilting in the comments soooo

  10. It looks really immature and obnoxious

  11. I hope the event emotes that were attached to icons that you own get added to the list. It feels like a waste not being able to use them after the event.

  12. Emotes like these don't belong in a competitive game.

  13. Can't wait to piss people with this xD

  14. Why riot.. why a white flag??

  15. Oh god, I can already imagine the emotes paired with annoying laughs or Alistar's cowbell….

  16. Maybe put the emote tab right after masteries since we check runes&masteries more often 😀

  17. WHAT..



  18. I am just gonna tilt enemy by spamming 1:00 and 1:48 so hard XDXD I'd be disappointed if there would be no tilt emoticons. No possibility to tilt = meh, fuck it, then don't do it at all 😛

  19. Cool BMing stuff riot.

  20. What

  21. nope!!! just put the POGCHAMP emote and your job is done.

  22. this is fucking stupid

  23. This just makes thing messy. Why don't they just incorporate an auto champ taunts heard both side of team in the game that speaks up what currently happening. Just like laugh for a kill or something.

  24. This is amazing!

  25. b5 mastery spam be like

  26. wtf

  27. Bad idea gtfo with this

  28. Guys lets make mute emotes button!

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