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External GPU worth it for Video Editors? Macbook Pro + eGPU vs 5K iMac

Sonnet eGPU➡ + RX580➡
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50 thoughts on “External GPU worth it for Video Editors? Macbook Pro + eGPU vs 5K iMac

  1. My external GPU enclosure➡ + Graphics card I used➡
    Alternative eGPU enclosures: &

  2. Hey Max, what about including NeatVideo noise reduction plug-in tests? It's one of the most CPU/GPU power demanding task, it would be great to see how it would perform in various HW scenarios. Thanks!

  3. Another awesome video! I'm so keen for this setup once the bugs are sorted out 👍😃

  4. Hi Max, can you advise me for my specs? Which should i take for fast rendering (Sony Vegas) and fast convert video, I can spend 3600 euros, but I don't know what to take like i7, i9, R7 or Threadripper, GTX 1060 or 1070 ect.. I don't want waste my money for nothing, please help me.

  5. Awesome. I cant seem to get my AMD 570 working with Final Cut. But interesting to note that performance is worse. ( I am using the 13 inch MBP)

  6. there should be monitors with egpu embeded and ports and single thunderbolt3 working with mac and pc as well.. then i can switch from my imac.

  7. what's the big warm light box behind ? it looks beautiful 💕🔥

  8. your wrong about the name of the GPU on the Mac, it's not an RX, its a Radeon Pro, and yes there is a difference, base clock of radeon pro 460 is 850mhz, and base clock of 560 is 925mhz.

  9. Is there anyway to fully remove macOS and use Windows instead

  10. Max great video but the 560 is not just a rename of last years 460 ! they are indeed different ( very slightly improved ). Please do the extensive research to verify the facts.  Thank you.

  11. WTF is this?? first I watch a video on FZ-07. Then search up external GPU videos. And its the same person. :O whut. You are everywhere.

  12. Once it is not in Beta anymore, could you run with an 13inch macbook pro?

  13. Would be interesting how the story is on a Windows laptop.

  14. Great video, keep up the good work!!

  15. Good video! What kind of software do you use for CPU temp, GPU load etc?

  16. hi, which CPU/Ram monitor do you use in the menu bar?

  17. спасибо Макс, познавательно

  18. Does the MBP CPU throttle at all?

  19. Can you do testing using Blender 3D next time, like realtime rendering etc. No one does it.

  20. Is the RX580 better than the GTX 980Ti for video editing? I have a Hackintosh with a Zotac GTX 980 Ti AMP Extreme, I am not interested in playing, I am interested in editing video in Final Cut Pro.

  21. Get a PC…

  22. Great comparison! I still am on the bench on downloading beta High Sierra to try with my Akitio Node3 with Nvidia cards on FCP. This makes me wanna go try! Tx. Have subbed.

  23. hey Man U should have more subscribers! you make good videos!

  24. Hi, I love the idea of external GPUs.

  25. Great video guys, just what i was lookin for!

  26. One thing to keep in mind is, performance with eGPU does not only depend on the OS update but also on the Application (tested) being update to use the extra resources available. Reason why that even though Macs get better hardware, Premiere doesn’t, as Adobe is not really updating taking hardware advantages.

  27. Yes would love to see more on external GPUs!! Thanks so much for posting.

  28. I know you from somewhere!…🤔

    …,,got it. You did some FZ07 videos back in the day yeah?!

  29. Sorry, but this is just looks vaporware for now.

  30. Will it work with the 5K ultrafine lg monitor?

  31. Since the MBP has two Thunderbolt controllers I always wondered if an external graphics card box could use both, and come even closer to native with twice the bandwidth. Granted there would be synchronization issues, but pure compute is more asyncronous than graphics. Or maybe the engineers that design these know more than me, just spitballing heh heh.

  32. It would be interesting if you could do a massive comparison of video rendering times; Mac Pro vs iMac vs Mac Book vs Windows PC vs Linux PC vs Windows Laptop vs Linux Laptop with the fastest video editing software for each one. Also, a comparison of video rendering times for all video editing software would be interesting.

  33. Great video full of useful info at this early stage. Thanks so much. I can't wait to share this with my colleagues.

  34. Great review max! I am planning on buying a new pc myself but i can't decide between a ryzen pc or an imac… I edit my videos (4k a6500) in premiere pro. Most important thing for me is timeline smoothness and 1/1 playback but i don't know if the imac is capable of this??? I am a longtime apple user, so i would prefer the imac, but if this isn't possible i would switch to ryzen… please any advice?!

  35. Is it worth it to get eGpu with mbp 2015 (Thunderbolt 2)

    I'm using FCPX

  36. Can you please do another video with thunderbolt 1 & 2 to see if those old MacBooks can be brought back to life

  37. For $299?! I'm extremely curious what the results will be like once everything is optimized!

  38. What if you use a nVidia Card? Do you have to install nVidia web driver like it was a Hackintosh?

  39. tbh I'd buy a mac but they're too expensive lol

  40. Is that external GPU expected to work with a late 2016 MBP (USB-C, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7, 4 core)?

  41. It would be interesting to see how a 13” MacBook Pro performs with an eGPU.

  42. Nice one with the comparison with the 5K iMac, would be good if you mention/compared the fan noise in the next review, as the noise of the eGPU was too distracting to make it worthwhile for me.

  43. Really wanna try this once it's completely native and released, wonder if Apple will release their own kit like this to everyone as an option or if people will have to go searching for them elsewhere. Would be nice to have something for gaming as a boost to FCPX speeds is more than welcome too:) Just wish the cord could be longer so I could stick it on the floor and not have to deal with fan noise, but at least it should take a decent amount of heat off the internals.

  44. I read in the comments people referring to both MacBook and MacBook Pro, sometimes misleading which one they mean. Sorry for not getting it really.
    My idea is to get a maxed MacBook 12", then buy an enclosure and use external GPU for editing in FinalCut Pro X. I see the MacBook being able to run 16GB RAM and the specs on the processor are in any case better than my current MacBook Pro 13" from 2013. On this machine I edit only from an external ssd (Samsung T3 1GB model) and it'd doing quite well if I don't use much multicam stuff. But I can edit in raw, love the old guy.
    Still, e newer and a bit smaller machine would benefit me, I only need to make sure I can do some advanced editing if I invest in an external GPU.
    Thanks in advance if anyone can help out on this.

  45. Amazing review. Would love to see Avid MC also included and/or Lightworks!

  46. External graphics has been around with previous versions of Thunderbolt, many years ago. It was popularised when Razer did it with TB3.

  47. Hey Max, how are you able to connect the eGPU to the LG Ultrafine 5K?

  48. I would like to see PC GPU video, not a mac user yet (waiting for cascade lake also disappointed that Apple seems to be behind on memory performance).

  49. Great videos, could you please tell me what is the max temperature that this MacBook reaches under full load? Thanks

  50. Max, I've just bought a MacBook Pro 15 with 2.9 ghz CPU. Do you think there's a huge difference between that and an upgraded 3.1 ghz?

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