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Genesis Mining Affiliate System Explained! (I Will Use Your Code)

Use code “cZfGba” and get three% off each buy on Genesis Mining!

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14 thoughts on “Genesis Mining Affiliate System Explained! (I Will Use Your Code)

  1. Here is mine: LSNfjy

  2. Yo Nick… made a substantial investment the past week using your code… appreciate your videos and sharing of knowledge… anyone, please feel free to reciprocate the love.. "AsrkZJ"

  3. I used your code foe x11 10 MH upgrade XrqK3f

  4. used your for a $105 subscription, pls use mine mNYI2j

  5. Hi friend very good video I use your code! Mine is vS7i6c

  6. yes

  7. Thanks for using my code yQR64L
    much appreciated!

  8. Subscribed and used your code to upgrade BTC 1 TH and eth 5MH. Here is my code 7J0bg6 nobody ever returns the favor but I keep trying lol

  9. Hey, just used your code for a 500M/h upgrade~ I hope you can use mine in future upgrades – lKo4j1 🙂

  10. Hi
    I used you code for 100MH DASH (:
    please use my oWptHK

  11. i will use your code for my next dash upgrade. where can i comment my code after purchase?

  12. Use code cZfGba and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining! Comment if you use my code!

  13. hello, my code Cn1mjY , i will use yours for my next upgrade, thank you

  14. Hey bro, keep up the videos and always find more ways to improve, i just turned 17 and i wish i could do what you do

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