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Getting Started with the Groupon Affiliate Program

Are you a Groupon fanatic? If so, please join us for this stay walkthrough of our affiliate program. By partnering with Groupon, you may earn fee when somebody you seek advice from us buys a Groupon. We’ll educate you learn how to learn how to create monitoring hyperlinks and banners, learn how to observe your earnings, and we’ll additionally introduce you to some tremendous straightforward tools that can make it a breeze so that you can promote particular Groupon offers.

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3 thoughts on “Getting Started with the Groupon Affiliate Program

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  2. hi,what are website requirements to become accepted to the groupon affiliate network?

  3. Hi Tommy! Sorry for the delayed response, somehow I missed your comment. An EPC is earnings per click, so it represents how much commission is paid out by the retailer for every 100 clicks we receive. We measure it over 3-months and 7-days so that you get a better idea of how that number fluctuates. You should be looking for a positive and consistent EPC, and you should understand the causes driving fluctuation. Hope that helps!

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