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Google AdSense Vs Affiliate marketing: Blogger Selfie video #1

Google AdSense & Affiliate marketing are two standard methods to make money from running a blog. Though the large query is; which one is healthier so that you can earn extra?

In this video I reply the query on which one is healthier & in what circumstances.
You can learn extra about this right here:

& Debunking the parable on not utilizing Affiliate hyperlinks on AdSense weblog right here:

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27 thoughts on “Google AdSense Vs Affiliate marketing: Blogger Selfie video #1

  1. sir, can you plz suggest best themes for blog to get approved by adsence

  2. can we have both

  3. you are just awesome buddy
    hats off

  4. if I already placed affiliate ads in my blog so Adsense will approve my blog? or I remove that ad then apply for Adsense?

  5. how to add latest bolg posts slideshow in wordpress?

  6. Thank You!

  7. HI, How much time it takes to approve Adsense account ?

  8. Nice sir.. u r d best inspiration..

  9. l want to learn affiliate marketing.
    pls tell me from where I can learn

  10. Hi Harsh, I have doubt.. not sure if you are still accepting queries on this video.. I have a question that might need a generic answer.. I always thought you can't do affiliate marketing without sound knowledge of different marketing techniques or tactics.. how much time do I have to spend on educating myself on these techniques and how much on actually applying them?

  11. hello sir …i m a student doing graduation wanted to make my carrier as u did…i m a huge fan of yours…basically i dont know anythng ..but i have that passion that i can do this ..can u please guide me …can u please tel me how to start ..plzzzz sir

  12. Hello harsh, I am doing AdSense and affiliate marketing at the same time with my blog. But my AdSense earning is much better than affiliate marketing. I want to increase my affiliate marketing. How can I do it? Any insights will be very helpful to me.

  13. Thanks for some helpful info man.

  14. how do i get the ads on my wordpress site ? neither adsense is allowed nor the affiliate is working. kindly reply

  15. Hello Harsh.
    I would like to know the secrets behind affiliate marketing. I'm like blogging for 7 years. But my earning from Adsense is very low. I tried Amazon, RakutenLinkShare, ShareASale, etc affiliate networks. But not one even bought after clicking. So what I'm doing wrong. 🙂

  16. how can you make ghost adsense links, meaning, links that look that they are part of your adsense blog, they look like they are actual links from your website. i hope you understand what i mean, thanks for your info. i subscribed and liked.

  17. Hi harsh! I am a newbie. firstly I would like to congratulate you for your blog success and apart of it I want to ask I have a website which is on beauty. I had adsense on that website. Since adsense banned my account for some reason. I want to know that can I start affiliate marketing on that niche???

  18. Thanks got the difference, i was really confused…but my blog is free blog harsh i created in blogger but when i click for google adsense its not accepting my link…could you tell me plzz

  19. Keep it up bro.bro can u make video which sites we should choose for affiliate and can we use blogspot for it? Waiting for ur reply

  20. Recently (2 months before) I launched by website I started posting after a month and till now there are around 7 posts. I haven't used any social networking sites yet that's the reason there aren't much visitors( will do it soon). What do you think, I mean when should I use Google Adsense? Does visitors matter on applying for Adsense or length/number posts matter? By the way, it were your posts, income reports etc which helped me started with this..Thanks

  21. AdSense isn't CPC only.

  22. Please make video for adsence vs media net.Or simple FAQ for both..?

  23. Very interesting thanks!!

  24. hello ,
    are you partnerd with any network i see you are varified with 8k subs i have 1k subs on my other channel! can i get varified ? im under a network BTW

  25. Off topic question- Does embedding your YouTube video in various blogs helps you in ranking your video on YouTube?

  26. Nice! 🙂

  27. Thanks for your helpful video
    but is it possible to use both affiliate marketing and adsense on same blog?
    won't google adsense ban my account if use affiliate marketing?

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