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Groupon Affiliate Program Review

– Groupon Affiliate Program Review – Wondering the way to make money with Groupon? How the affiliate program works?

No worries in this Groupon affiliate program assessment, I will be sharing the simplicity of being an affiliate with Groupon (granted I am not one) and can sharing the way it works!

In this “Groupon affiliate program assessment” you will be taught the strategy that most individuals take with Groupon and likewise the way to separate your self from what others are doing. This video’s important function is to enlighten you with all it is advisable make a choice if it is best for you or not.


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One thought on “Groupon Affiliate Program Review

  1. I know that this post is old, but I need a direct answer on a few things about Groupon:

    1. How are the commission payments made – if you do not have a US bank account, how does Groupon support you to receive the commissions?

    2. If you don't provide a domain name email address, is that a problem?

    3. what kind of email volume should you expect after signing up for Groupon Affiliate marketing

    4. What information do you have to provide to Groupon for them to create the banners?

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