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Having Success With Ali Express Affiliate Program – Better For Me Than Clickbank, eBay Partner, etc

I’ve tried affiliate marketing on and off with my running a blog for about 5-7 years and although I could make just a few hundred a month I’ve by no means had a number of success.

What I’ve tried has primarily been Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, eBay Partner NEtwork, Clickbank, CJ, etc.

It wasn’t till I began with the Ali Express Affiliate Program that I actually began making some good money. I am about to buy and check out the Ali Plugin. I will allow you to guys know the way it works.


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6 thoughts on “Having Success With Ali Express Affiliate Program – Better For Me Than Clickbank, eBay Partner, etc

  1. did anybody notice that he's not wearing a seatbelt

  2. way to go dude, im on the exact same path, tried my hjand at being an affiliate afew yrs ago but didn't fully understand that I needed an email list or youtube channel to market my links too, the way I found you was because of, they pissed me off with there app so I wanted to undermine them by showing people where they source there products from (aliexpress), but the only thing I don't like about the affiliate program is the 30 day cookie, i wish it was abit longer, other programs I joined had 6 month to one year, but I guess the value is there cause people will jump on the opportunity to buy shit you know if you get the customer for lifetime?thanks for your vids, cant wait to see your private label vid, pretty much my next step 🙂

  3. U making 250grands a month on aliexpress and alibaba and u talking about making 2-500dollars a month on clickbank and advertising ? Bro, wtf

  4. Dang, I wish I could get to that level with AliExpress or whatever. I feel so lost.

  5. like the hair dude im doing the same thing

  6. hi there, I've watch quite a lot of your videos about sell on eBay. I live the UK and I'm struggling to find products that can bring in a profit.

    many thanks

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