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Hotelscombined affiliate program REVIEW. Should You Join This Network?

Hotelscombined affiliate program REVIEW. Go To and watch the free video and discover ways to make money on-line Today!
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Hotels Combined Affiliate Program REVIEW.

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11 thoughts on “Hotelscombined affiliate program REVIEW. Should You Join This Network?

  1. I have made money with hotels combined. I made 300 dollars and got paid on time. Based upon my stats from my affiliate manager I got 2% conversion rate that was well enough to get paid out on. IT all depends on the quality of traffic.

  2. hotelcombined is a real scam i made 160 and growing the second month and they Banned my account. They tell me my traffic has no convertions. Do not use this company is a real scam.

  3. no review here, you didn't say anything except like subscribe and click the link below !!!!!! you're a liar and expect likes and subscribers ?!!!

  4. Greatly composed, might want to use a better camera

  5. nope. The links work on and off. You will not know when the clicks/leads are registered and when they are not. And I heard a lot of people saying that they will terminate your account when your commission reaches close to $100.

  6. i'am getting $80.00 per day from it 🙂

  7. hotels combined is a scam though. They pay you a few times then they ban you or switch your id so you are giving them free profit.

  8. and what about hotels combined ? i missed the review

  9. I have been an affiliate going on 3 months now.  I am currently averaging $20.00 per day. My goal is to get to $100 per day.  This is doable.  So far all I have been doing is the Free Traffic Method #1 – Just dropping links using Google Alerts. My highest one day results so far  was $44.98.  You have to work at daily to make it work. It just doesn't happen on its own.

  10. Waste of time and money. They say that you can earn from one to two dollars per lead as an affiliate. But that all depends on how well your site converts. I have been a member for about 10 months and I only get 6-7 cents per lead, this makes it impossible to buy traffic from google or bing because you pay 2-3 dollars per click.

  11. Thanks Matt

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