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How I Generated $436,005.70 in Revenue With Amazon Affiliate Program

How I Generated $436,005.70 in Revenue With Amazon Affiliate Program

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39 thoughts on “How I Generated $436,005.70 in Revenue With Amazon Affiliate Program

  1. one of the best and most descriptive tutorial out there. thanks man 🙂

  2. If somebody clicks my YouTube channel link and goes to amazon. They look at the product and don't sign in. Later in the day they use their amazon app to buy the product I shared. Are they still being tracked for the 24 hour period without a sign in during the 1st session? Thx

  3. I see I'm not the only one on this … What is he talking about at the beginning to set up a blog? "Join now", where? At the beginning, I had no idea what the point is of looking into products … to joint the affiliate program, you have to have a blog or URL, you can't write a blog on every product, right? .. what is the overall process.

  4. where is the join now button

  5. Thank you for your kindly sharing.
    My Amazon affiliate have been closed because of againsting the Amazon rules (Sharing the product URL to customers directly and they ordered the products).
    I am here to ask could I use the same information of the Closed Amazon Affiliate for NEW one ? Such as Email ,Address, Telephone, Computer IP,Network , Website and Blogger etc.. ?
    It would be highly appreciate if you could help.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you and best regards,

  6. i have a question,,how can you put the product that you chose to your web site? thanks!

  7. how could you prepare the list of Black Friday products before the Black Friday?

  8. Hey Jeff, just want to let you know that I a ordering the Shop Express and was wondering if I have any questions in the future will you be ale to give me some support. I'm pretty knowledgeable so I'm good, just asking. Thanks. Great Vid too!

  9. you mind posting any of your website?

  10. I know the term fake it till you make it. But don't be one of those guy's when it comes to this type of shit. I'm sure you didn't/dont like it when your trying to find good TRUE information on how to be a successful affiliate person.

  11. HI Jeff, how do you drive traffic to your website ?

  12. hello….. is the software is really helpful which u r showing? or a scam?? bcz previously i purchased a software whixh generates email lists for marketing is totally 200% scam.. i just wasted my money. i cant invest much. but i need money for now. and yes i am from india.

  13. Hey Jeff how's it going, is this kalatu platform still available?

  14. Thanks Jeff, God Bless you and good luck ! Very helpful video!! 🙂

  15. my nama jeff

  16. Jeff Thanks for the info buddy. Ive been getting into this pretty heavy. Is there any blog system out there for free that you dont have to buy a domain every time to advertise products on??
    BTW these people and their negative comments cant seem to see the bigger picture, O well less competition for us that see outside the box.

  17. Jeff, you looks like Limp Bizkit. Thanks for the tutorial

  18. baboon sperm?

  19. collage collage collage, these guys didn't do to collage

  20. thought this was a limp bizkit video.

  21. Thanks for showing us your order and earning. It is a good source of inspiration to do Aff Amazon.

  22. He used the dead beat theme haha

  23. I'm just starting to learn about affiliate marketing so this might be a dumb question. Do you need separate blogs for each niche that you promote? Do you need to buy a domain for each niche? Thanks.

  24. Right

  25. what is your Facebook page can i comment with you bout this business and can you help me with setting up my website as I'm a solo parent but love the sound of this

  26. hi Jeff can i do this from new zealand

  27. Love this video! Can you please let me know how I can show my customers in the back office, where they can view testimonials?

  28. Amazing video man! appreciate all the advice and detailed input. Bravo stay focused. recently followed you on fb

  29. Jeff, Hi………..I really like this video too………..I'll have to watch it a couple of times, cause I am just learning/researching. Can I ask you how many blogs you have??? Cause thats a long list of things on Amazon LOL………..and remember I am just learning. Thanks for doing this video.

  30. why is there so many people posting videos on youtube about the same "how to make money online" crap.
    stop lying to yourself

  31. what is the very first step to get started

  32. suck i cant create affiliate acount i cant verify my phonenumber Amazon is prohibited from making calls to the number you have entered. Please enter a different phone number and try again.

  33. That's a very complete and comprehensive guide, looking it from a SEO perspective. Although there are lots of people, me included, that don't rely on SEO to promote products. Social media is making it very easy to internet marketers to promote products, or even reviews looking to convert into sells.

  34. Hi I like how informative this video, I have a personal finance blog, and we are doing a segment where i'm attempting to make a niche site from scratch. I would love to possibly have a short interview with you for my blog.

  35. HAHAHA 400k for sure

  36. I'm unsure of what I really learned here. It all sounded very good. I already have my own website but I'm struggling setting it up

  37. People need to be aware that Shop Express requires a data base to store Amazon products on your site. This means when prices change on Amazon, the prices stored in your data base become obsolete and Amazon frowns on affiliates showing incorrect prices.

  38. I like this video

  39. hey Jeff, how did you manage to put a lot of amazon shoppers? do you have a blog/website too?

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