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How I Made My First $1 with Unity Affiliate Program

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6 thoughts on “How I Made My First $1 with Unity Affiliate Program

  1. Thanks so much for this video. Just signed up for the program!

  2. 24 hours is pretty harsh for affiliates. month is definitely too harsh for shop. but week would be good enough for everybody. I have some exp in aff sales and for me this formula is rising one big serious question: refunds. it was easy earlier now it won't be/shouldn't be
    btw. congrats on awesome informational video and wish you load of cash 🙂

  3. hey can u do a tutorial on how to make a vr android horror game app that you stare to control

  4. So if we buy assets can we just put your ?aid=1101IHIq at the end to credit you or do you have to "create" the link on your account before that?

  5. Wow

  6. hope you make 1000

    you make really great content

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