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How to Convert Traffic

How to get conversions with IPDN. Learn why visitors converts and why it doesn’t convert.

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6 thoughts on “How to Convert Traffic

  1. You give Great Video Info & Help,Your IPN video help me understand better on what to do & not give up, Thank You So Much For You Help!

  2. Do you get payed for every one that convert ?

  3. Hey I started a month ago IPDN and I got my first referral i got 50 bucks so its a start its a start. I just started doing you tube videos.

  4. how come I still got charged $1 for trials that are free?? doesn't make sense…

  5. I love youtube traffic it converts really well. I always suggest youtube videos to start with. That's where I got my first sale from.

  6. So youtube you would say is the best way to bring in traffic? Is it even worth going to different job sites like Craigslist and spending hours posting ads? I know you did another video on the ad autopost system. Is that pretty effective? I just got my back office setup and everything so I'm just getting started on figuring out how to bring traffic in. Any suggestions on how I should start?

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