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How to Create a Passive Income with the Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy is the world’s largest vacation spot for on-line programs and creating a passive earnings stream. In one yr 10 Instructors earned $1.6 MILLION on Udemy. Udemy is a web site that empowers anybody to train (for FREE) and be taught on-line. On Udemy, there are millions of on-line programs from the greatest instructors in the world.

This video will train you precisely how one can enroll and create a passive earnings with the Udemy Affiliate Program. You do not need to create a class in order to earn a passive earnings from the Udemy affiliate program. You can merely join the program and promote different instructors programs. The enroll particulars and hyperlink are included under.

Becoming an affiliate with Udemy is sort of straightforward:

1. Login to your Udemy account and go to

2. Fill out the utility:

three. Wait roughly Four-7 days to get authorised.

Four. Go to your affiliate dashboard (

Start incomes money!

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Thank you for watching my movies and being a tremendous a part of my life! I am going to train you all I can about passive earnings streams. I need to see you succeed and having a number of streams of earnings and be set free financially to do what you need! I began on Udemy in December 2012 and in underneath six months I had over 600 college students enrolled in the 6 courses that I used to be instructing on-line. The better part about Udemy is that when you create the class the college students discover it via the search engines.

The programs I at present train on Udemy are:

How to Launch a Business with out Quitting Your Day Job
How to Achieve Success as a Single Parent Family
How to Set Simple Goals and Achieve Massive Success
No Excuses: 5 Ways to Jumpstart that Emergency Fund How to Make Your First 1k OnlineHow to Create a Passive Income Teaching Online
You can view all of the programs on Udemy at
Each week I give out a discounted and typically FREE course code to take considered one of the courses that I provide or one other superb Instructors course. Join now and get a discounted code or free coupon code!

Udemy is AMAZING! Udemy will assist you scale! If you are an superior teacher (and I am positive you might be), then there are millions of individuals who need to be taught from you. Why limit your self to the portion of your viewers that’s in your neighborhood or can afford to come to considered one of your seminars? Udemy permits you to train (and earn constant passive earnings from) the whole world of the web! Launched in 2010, Udemy’s on-line schooling platform makes studying quick, straightforward and free to create on-line programs. You preserve 70% of the income out of your programs (or 85% if you happen to immediately refer the buyer to the course).

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28 thoughts on “How to Create a Passive Income with the Udemy Affiliate Program

  1. Wow, nice video, I have taken courses on udemy, affiliate programs are the ticket for people to build a passive residual income, I will check it out.

  2. Hey guys, I am an affiliates for months. However, I start to move myself slowly with the program. I seek partnership with other affiliates to help each other grow. If you're interested please reply to me.
    Find me on Facebook: Courseseller

  3. Hi, Montina,  I am lim from oustside US country.  Can I applied for the Udemy Affiliate Prog. It is a course teaching prog which is good and learnt.  I have already subscribe to your side.  I just do not know how to go about the process of the application formcan u guide me.  Thank you the video is awesome and informative.  Can I add in into your facebook.

  4. You forgot to mention the part where you already need to have an established website with traffic at a certain amount for Udemy to even consider your application. If you don't have that, you'll just flat out get rejected. Can you address that?

  5. nice bro

  6. I got denied initially because I didnt have over 500 ppl a month for their threshold requirements. Now that I've built up that requirement months later when I go to re-apply I get denied every time because it says my SS#/Tax ID is already in use (by my account that got denied) just something to be aware of here people it's been pretty annoying trying to get it fixed and udemys support has been awful throughout the process.

  7. when i fill they udmey course preminum instr they pricing information last one street adreess i filling same paypal adress they showing error showing field printable set of letters what is this

  8. how can i sign in with udemey as an affiliate? i tried to apply but they refused, and i guess i need to have a website or something like that?? can u help me with this issue please? im kinda new to all of this.

  9. Not clear on why my application was denied. This stinks.

  10. best marketing tracker…

  11. if a new costumer makes a udemy account trough my afíliate link, would I get a comisión any time he buys a course?

  12. Awesome Video , Udemy is indeed a great option for Affiliate Program

  13. Great video Spark, Nice facebook page and your looks beautiful. 

  14. Awesome video about Udemy, thanks

  15. Hi SPARKWISDOM! I already register affiliate with udemy, but I can't find my link affliate. Please help me! thanks you!

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  17. I have signed up for Udemy to become an affiliate.

  18. Thank you for watching yet I don't accept spam on my channel. You have to do better then posting your links all over YouTube on other peoples videos. Not cool at all.

  19. Hi, Ruth, no way! It's for all over 🙂 Get signed up! 🙂

  20. Hi, im in the UK and i would like to sign up. Is this only available to people in the US?

  21. Sign up at make1k and we're ready to show you how!

  22. Hey Sparkwisdom, I've watched this video several times. I'm about to signup now, I'll have to be offering others peoples courses 1st until I develop my own. Passive income is what I definitely need, we all do.

  23. Thank you! 🙂

  24. The details are in the video 🙂

  25. Way to go!

  26. Hi, Shawn. Please visit the services tab on my site Organic Life Products and I'll be happy to help. You can also join the Make 1k community too. Looking forward to serving you.

  27. You're welcome! 🙂

  28. Hey, Latrece! When you joining?

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