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How to Make Money on Youtube – Ads, Networks, Affiliate Programs, Sponsorships

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41 thoughts on “How to Make Money on Youtube – Ads, Networks, Affiliate Programs, Sponsorships

  1. so if you curse on YouTube, you don't get money.

  2. Thanks for your ideas. I am a socialist, and a fan of philosophers, like Nietzsche, Hegel, Kant, Goethe, a supporter of the search for extraterrestrial life. I also love the Dr. Atkins low-carb lifestyle. So I think I can make videos suggesting people to read socialist literature, books, and then to sell those books. And weight loss products, and make money thru monetizing them

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  5. I'm confused whether to sign up as an advertiser or a publisher.
    The publisher is the one selling the product, and advertiser is the one putting links on their website/video's, right?
    But when I try to sign up as publisher, they ask me what products I am selling.
    And when I try to sign up as an advertiser they ask me what my business/company is.
    ??? (I want to put leads at the end of my videos.)

  6. When I'm signing up as an amazon affiliate it asks for a website? What if I don't have one? Can I just put my YouTube channel as my webpage?

  7. the ads said to me that you were a failer at collage

  8. Thank you for sharing this. Its really useful to us new Youtubers.

  9. Can I post affiliate links on youtube if I do an unpaid/non-sponsored review?

  10. Super helpful! Thank u! I got a couple of sponsorships but i dont know if demographics plays role?? All are from US companies but when i said im in Dubai- they kinda say oh im sorry and thank you? Is there something like law that doesn't allow this in the US? Appreciate your response!

  11. This information is extremely helpful, thank you!!

  12. Great information. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. Hi this is Melody here from Home Garden and Fashion.  You have an awesome channel here. Love it. Just subscribed. Keep up the great job my friend! Looking forward to your next amazing video. You are beautiful inside out! You have done an awesome job explaining this affiliate program. I have been searching for a video like this for so long. Please, Please do more videos on how to make a website and add all the affiliates. You are the best! Have a very loving, giving, happy, peaceful day!

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  15. Money is based on post engagement

  16. You would be perfect, if, you used a lavalier mic to control this bad echo behind you 😅 😅 😅

  17. Hey, nice video. Great tips and info. Plus your cute too.

  18. Nice video! If you guys are looking for a reliable affiliate program to earn money , join ExpertMobi. I'm running their offers and have great results. Wish you good luck

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  21. Who else saw "glam" and thought about Glamburgers from Undertale?

  22. Thank you for your help, Gena.  I really appreciated your video.

  23. Sub for sun make up hauls and beauty

  24. are affliate links against youtube TOS?

  25. Fit as

  26. I had an unboxing video and an affiliated link in my description my video got blocked

  27. AWESOME! Thanx!

  28. subscribe to me

  29. Thanks for your video.  Please check out my original song.  It's called He Wasn't Just A Dog.  Thanks for listening.

  30. hiii there
    i have wordpress website currently there is no content in it
    what content i can put oher than blog so that
    i can start affiliate program..plz need help

  31. Hi everyone! Sub me and i will SUB back!

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  33. thank you so much …you really helped a lot ^^

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  35. Thank You! very nice video. 😀 I really want to do something like this. but with only vegan and cruelty free products. So thanks for good tips!! hugs //Lina, sweden

  36. Thanks for this video

  37. what the hell is monetizing?

  38. you helped me so much ! thank you ! It must have taken you a long long time to gain all this information and i thank you for giving it out to your viewers

  39. Absolutely Professional! Trying to help my son start his channel and show him all of the different skills he will have to master to have a top notch channel like yours. One question… Final cut pro… Mac or PC? and comp specs. I think actually that might make another great video. Thanks Much!

  40. Ar you happy with STYLEHAUL? I am looking maybe for a network, hoping they will help me..but I'm confused which network to pick. I love ur videos and I trust ur opinion so hopefully you can help me xo

  41. evreyone subscribe to me plz

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