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How to start and make money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

In this video i present you the fundamental steps how to start to make money with Amazon’s affiliate (affiliate) program.
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As an affiliate with Amazon, you may construct a profitable business if you understand how to market on-line.

What i actually like with them is that they’ve actually hundreds of merchandise to promote for nearly any market and you haven’t any stock, nothing to ship or acquire money, and many extra advantages.

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How to start and make money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program
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34 thoughts on “How to start and make money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

  1. do you have to put tax information?


  3. Chào Sir. i am from Vietnam and i am a student. you can help me how to do more people get my link? thanks

  4. many thanks for your info now i know what to do…tnx!

  5. hello sir, i created a free website on wordpress.but it is not giving a option of dashboard by which i can post and publish a link of any product.or weather i have to buy a website for money to post a link .help me sir to resolve this problem.

  6. i would like to see 5 such blogs

  7. can you paste those links on youtube?

  8. very informative video, to watch more video like this click on the photo

  9. Thanks for the video friend. Can you put different ads on different pages? Say you wanted a book ad on a page you discussed books, and a camera ad on a page you discuss cameras.

  10. If someone purchase something from my link by that time itself my earning reports will show whether someone ordered something or it will update after few days or something like that do reply !! Thanks

  11. hi, is the gift card payment method virtual or is a physical card?

  12. What mobile url can I use ?

  13. will you telll how to send traffic to the site

  14. ela re file

  15. thanks brother… your creating this video… i finally added advertisements on my site. thank u

  16. Do I need to have my own website before? to promote their products? or doesn't need it .Please help. and thanks to your information

  17. Well your into made my cat fall of my desl (FYI funniest thing ever! 😛 she was fine though!) Video was helpful!

  18. What happens if you promote an item, and the customer while on Amazon, buys another Item, do you get a commission for that as well?

  19. hiii there

    i have wordpress website currently there is no content in it
    what content i can put oher than blog so that
    i can start affiliate program..plz need help

  20. omg finally !!! thank you so much for the help

  21. thanks bro. i enjoyed your video most as you dont talk more but showing real procedures. and the video was so clear and hd.

  22. plz dear tell me how can i make my website to paste product link…

  23. good

  24. Great stuff,I live in japan and need to make money full time online, thanks.

    Any other tips?


  25. Can I promote products in the amazon even I am outside USA?

  26. can i earn mony just for clcik ?? and thank u

  27. thank u very much (y) very nice

  28. please is it free? to have a website and to affiliate with some company? can i be affilite with other company also?thnks to answer!

  29. I really am extremely passionate about this and it does 100% work, I started doing this almost 3 years ago today and made $2,000 in my first month, now I make $2,000 a week consistently every week.

  30. great vid

  31. Besides you can build your own webstore with it! I suggest you to join Amazon Affiliate Club to get more information on how to become successful with Amazon.

  32. 🙁 does the link have to look like that? I'd rather people not know where I got the Items from.

  33. THANK YOU!! Awesome!!

  34. Pretty straight forward. Thanks

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