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Is Ali Express Affiliate Program Trustworthy? Do They Actually Payout?

I do know many individuals are hesitant to strive new affiliate applications since some individuals have had dangerous experiences not receiving their payouts from their affiliate firms.

I have been messing with the Ali Express Affiliate Program for a pair months now, I am lastly eligible for my first payout in spite of everything transactions had been cleared and accomplished. I simply did my first cashout. Its been about 24 hours and continues to be in auditing however up to now I am pleased with the program.

As quickly because the funds clear my checking account I will make one other video and ensure they do payout.

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5 thoughts on “Is Ali Express Affiliate Program Trustworthy? Do They Actually Payout?

  1. hey … love your videos .. have you relased the couse on affilate marketing or aliexpress affilate marketing as yet … if yes whats the cost and where do i sign up

  2. Hello, did the wire arrive yet?

  3. I've made a website/blog similar to your hoverboard one but for a different niche, which I think could work really well. I've written a few articles, I'm just waiting for acceptance into the affiliate program.

    I would love to see a video on how you generate traffic to your blogs with the affiliate links. I know you have said that you don't spend any money on advertising.

  4. Thanks for the information! I'm going to sign up and try it out.

  5. Great video man. Great to see someone down to earth getting good quality information across. I've looked at your other Vids too and they are really helpful. I'm looking to start the affiliate program, however I'm not sure what the best platform is to start it on. the blog you mentioned in this vid, do you have a link to that so I can have a look at how you blog. I'm a newbie, but keen to learn. Cheers

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