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Is Nintendo’s YouTube Affiliate Program Good for Gamers? | YouTube Weekly | Mashable

Nintendo has struck a take care of YouTube that can permit gamers to add gameplay footage immediately from their Wii U consoles to the video sharing platform. But will it’s a superb deal for avid gamers?

And take a look at extra from the world of YouTube and Lamarr Wilson on Mashable’s Socially Awkward:


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Nintendo Affiliate Program:

YouTube Turned 9 this week: Karaoke Video:

Best/Worst Internet Providers for YouTube streaming:

Get your individual report on your ISP right here:

Video of the Week: What a dance by a chubby Korean child!

Channel of the Week: TheThirdPew:


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14 thoughts on “Is Nintendo’s YouTube Affiliate Program Good for Gamers? | YouTube Weekly | Mashable

  1. and where is the link to enter to the Nintendo Program? 🙁

  2. I'm so over nintendo at this point.

  3. Nintendo has always operated on a totally different level and it's no surprise that they have an different point of view when it comes to Youtube… I would say it's something to do with the culture. Even though competitors like Sony is a japanese company too, Sony has very much became a global company but Nintendo… Well Nintendo is still full on Japanese and I think that is one of their problems. They don't understand how good marketing place YouTube is for products, especially for video games. There are so many examples from indie scene that a game has gained popularity after one pretty famous youtubers has done some gameplay on it. But over all, if Nintendo want's to succeed they have to make big changes in the company and bring new and young professionals to decision team and fire Iwata as soon as possible but then again… Japanese business culture is japanese business culture.

  4. About the "Get your own report on your ISP here" part, it says it's not available yet.
    I guess it's yet another 'America-only' stunt American companies perform, which is always disgusting.
    I'm still waiting for Google Wallet to finally become usable in Europe, but that's a different topic.

    As for what you said about Nintendo, I totally agree.
    I'm an licensee at Nintendo, I work hard to make games for 3DS and Wii U every day and I need the ad revenue for it to be possible.
    And what does Nintendo do? Only say 'it hit them' and 'it's the fault of the Japanese'.
    Other than that, they don't give a shit.

  5. Yay! I love thethirdpew! 😀

  6. Woah thank you so much for making me the channel of the week, Lamarr!! It definitely made my day.

  7. Some businesses don't get how much free advertising they get from Gamers.

  8. Totally agree, Nintendo is becoming more and more dinosaur-ish

  9. Of course the video quality report is not available in my area. Classic Google! But given I normally can't see the difference between 360p and anything higher, I'm happy as long as the video plays without interruptions for buffering which sadly isn't always the case.

    Tay Zonday singing Bed Intruder was the most epic performance of that night. A few potential bed intruders might have been persuaded to stay away from any wrongdoings just by the sound of his voice.

    The Third Pew is a cool dude. Great choice for a channel of the week. Oh and I bow down before king Lamarr. 😛

  10. Nintendo. I'm done buying a console just to play Mario Cart and Smash Bros.

  11. Didn't even know you did these videos, Lamarr. Guess I've been out of the loop for awhile. Anyways, loved it! Keep doing what you do.

  12. Great Video Lamarr!!!

  13. There are a total of two internet providers in my area…and the one I have, AT&T U-verse, has the same rating as Time Warner Cable.

  14. first

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