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Knotion Togaf 9 training video part 2 of 10

Togaf 9 training video with Craig Martin

“courting web site affiliate”, Views: 79852 ,Ratings: four.70 ,Time: 1273735027 ,Date: 2010-05-13 07:17:07 ,Duration: 9:1 ,Author: UCUJHo7-smMvjvSZISunuoRA ,Author Title : Lionel Redelinghuys ,

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14 thoughts on “Knotion Togaf 9 training video part 2 of 10

  1. Thanks a lot for this video. Though I had studied, watching this video on the exam day was preparation enough to clear TOGAF certification ! Thanks a lot !

  2. I never knew Vince Vaughn knew so much about TOGAF! 😉

  3. Beautiful. Your explanation is soul to the TOGAF guide

  4. Great tutorial / overview of TOGAF!  Very clearly explained.  Many thanks!

  5. Thanks for posting the overview videos, its very helpful and informative. I especially liked your Maturity-Level Model for EAs where you place TOGAF 9 certified people only at Level1&2. I cant agree more with you on this. You give simple analogies of making coffee and lego blocks which makes it so so much easier for people to absorb this complex concept. I give you a 5 star for your knowledge and for posting these videos.

  6. doesn't it feel like an empty mambo jambo talk that consultants use to milk the enterprises, solving or producing nothing as a result, but confusing everyone at the end.

  7. Markitechture

  8. Excellent summary!

  9. Great stuff

  10. Very good & simply explained. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. nicely explained.

  12. Thanks a lot. That is a very nice, and simple explanation to a complex subject.

  13. This is why so many EA Architects get fired. The only thing they love more than drawing useless boxes is the sound of their annoying voices.

  14. boring

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