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Let’s Talk About Twitch Affiliate Program and Why I Think it’s Important

Been doing quite a lot of streaming currently over making movies since my Twitch Partnership was lastly accepted. I noticed the announcement for the Twitch Affiliate Program and was so proud of what it provided that I needed to remember to share my emotions on it and get the phrase out that there is hope now.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Twitch Affiliate Program and Why I Think it’s Important

  1. This is fine if crew battles eventually end up on YT (months later even) – otherwise I'm salty

  2. Honestly you'd still probably only have 0 to 5 subscribers anyways if you aren't partnered. Besides the fact you don't have many viewers, the people paying for subscriptions don't even get a sub badge?? Is it going to be a cheaper subscription or something?

  3. Being an affiliate, I still think it's kinda way too easy to be an affiliate. It's kinda shocking. I don't wanna sound negative but it's very very bare. When it was 500 concurrent it was wild but I personally think you should have a bit more than just 50 followers and 3 concurrent ya know.

  4. This entire video was great and im super happy for you man. keep working hard dude! Loved the jam at the end btw!

  5. First and post more crew battles

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