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Lloyd Irvin cancels affiliate program

Lloyd Irvin college students accused of raping teammate

In the wake of allegations two of his high-ranking college students raped a feminine teammate on New Year’s Eve, (and revelations of his ’89 acquittal on rape expenses), Lloyrd Irvin has canceled his affiliate program, he stated in a latest information launch. Irvin gained fame and fortune with a string of academies that bore his emblem and referred to as themselves a part of Team Lloyd Irvin. He then took one of the best of the BJJ practitioners and arranged them into a gaggle often called “The Medal Chasers,” a staff that will journey around the globe, coming into, and plenty of instances successful, a number of the largest, most prestigious BJJ tournaments.

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11 thoughts on “Lloyd Irvin cancels affiliate program

  1. you really dont like Lloyd do u Ted

  2. Lloyd Irvin is part of the illuminate 

  3. I love how people make comments on things that they don't have all the info on. Not just this issue but issues in general. Tli is alive and kicking.

  4. Edit: found the answer to my own question!

  5. It's amazing how one thing can cause such a chain reaction of events

  6. well russian..nut she need a usa passport…

  7. thank god.

  8. Yep, damage control.

  9. Looking for anything in particular — Asian, Russian?

  10. BTW how is the wifesearch going??

    i am quite ready here for my passport/hot wife…

  11. pretty standard activity for this planet

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