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MM 4-4-12: About Ted’s Woodworking “affiliate program”

Delving deeper into Ted’s Woodworking.

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32 thoughts on “MM 4-4-12: About Ted’s Woodworking “affiliate program”

  1. This video was great. 🙂 Thanks for affirming my suspicions.

  2. Thanks, for this video series. I was interested in Ted's but I didn't like the whole high pressure act now or lose your chance to purchase sales pitch. So, I did some google and youtube searching and found your video and others as well.

  3. I see one of the "affiliates" is doing Woodworking for Mortals.   Looks new, or at least recent re-posts. I even clicked to what the video because I thought I was going to WWMM. Cheeky sods "Ted" has working for him!

  4. Thank you, I wasn't too sure, now I am. Will watch you instead!

  5. Would be nice for you tube to show these videos as advertisement instead as regular informational videos.

  6. This is a ripoff… DO NOT BUY this package. You will NOT be satisfied with what you get. And that money back, no hassle, for whatever reason money back guarantee…. you are NOT getting your money back. Please…. trust me. You will be sorry for what you get.

  7. another feature of clickbank's vendor policies, that you have deliberately neglected to mention, is that all products must come with at least a 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

  8. I was one of the unfortunate buyers of Ted's Woodworking. The first thing I noticed was that the videos were old, and out dated. They even had at least one Norm Abrams NYWS video. I look at the stuff from time to time but really I'm out 39 bucks. I guess that's a cheap lesson though.

  9. Hi Steve, I've just seen that promotional video. What shocks me the most is that they claim to have a full refund within 60 days, while what you buy is in a digital format. It seems fairly simple to make a copy of their product and then claim to have it deleted on your computer.

    I understand that doing this has to be highly illegal, so I don't know what they do to prevent this. I saw a comment where you say you'll try to get your money back. If so could you shine some light on this? Thanks!

  10. Are you going to start Invisible Woodworkers and Ted 2012 this guy?

  11. Not true. I've been involved in a couple of them. You have to look closely at the compensation plans. That's where they vary greatly. I've received big checks and I'm not anywhere near the top.

  12. sounds like a pyramid scam 🙂

  13. Kevin…please contact me via email. zrammedia (at) gmail (dot) com Like to talk more.

  14. Ah, come on, there are at least five theories by which you can go after Click Bank. For $300 to $500 per hour your lawyers will be able to draft a filing on one of them. Though, you better cap their initial fees for this, otherwise they will have a college co-op work on it for 50 hours – at full fee, of course. Rather than pay a lawyer to fight you, Click Bank will put the boot to Ted. Or, wait till Ted & friends destroy your firm's intellectual properties and then go get a job somewhere else

  15. The problem is simply tracking down a business or person that is legally responsible. As Steve noted, getting to "Ted" is nearly impossible. And, as Steve said, there may not be anything illegal about what ClickBank is doing. It's a squirrely world.

  16. Kevin, I assume your company has a relationship with a law firm ? Have the law firm put some pressure on Click Bank to terminate its relationship with Ted's Woodworking. Your investment in legal fees will pay off with future revenues from plan sales. Why have a copyright if your not going to defend it ? If you do not defend it, others will sell your copyrighted products as their own.

  17. Agreed. However, very few people make much money in MLM…except the people at the top.

  18. Hi Steve, this is Kevin Ireland, publisher of Popular Woodworking. I'm glad you're warning people about Ted's because it definitely crosses the line. In addition to misusing your videos, Ted's is illegally selling copyrighted plans from Popular Woodworking and other magazines. This guy is a scammer and doesn't deserve anyone's money when there are dozens of places to look for legitimate plans, including our shopwoodworking and Jim Barry's woodworkersworkshop

  19. There are many perfectly legitimate MLM's. They aren't all cons.

  20. Steve is Matlock of all woodworkers around the world.

  21. This wood be like a chaining littler. For Ted, he the one to make money went the other pay out money, and may never get money ? Is that what you are saying ? Thank you for helping me to save some of my money Sir Steve

  22. When I open my youtube starting page it's filling with files regarding Teds Woodworking — actually there should be videos of my favourites – I look forward to the day everything is going back to normal mere mortal life. On the other hand Steve goes the right way.

  23. Ok, Steve. I got your point and it makes me angry, too. But pleeeaase, don't waste your worthy time on that topic. Make us happy by showing more woodworking projects!!!

  24. Go get em Steve:-)

  25. Steve, thank you.

  26. You covered this very well Steve…glad you brought this to light to those unaware. All in all, your loyal followers will not leave you…you can depend on that. You have earned a good reputation here on YouTube amongst woodworkers and have gained great respect on all levels. Ted is nothing more than a fly-by-night POS. I consider woodworkers to be savvy in some sense, and have the ability to determine 'if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.' Ted will go away, and the sooner the better!

  27. Steve, I have made a small donation via "support wwmm" to assist in this endeavour – good work!
    BTW, if clickbank insist on a valid email from their vendor customers, aren't they then in breach of their own rules?

  28. Steve told u to get your refrigerator stacked instead ….well now keep counting till you reach 16000th plan 🙂 but seems like you might have to buy more plans from ted to get to that number lolz…good info ..c ya

  29. Oh wow what a surprise if ya want to comment on teds youtube videos they need to be uploader aproved. Even if technically he's not doing anything illegal he's still a lazy, greedy prick.

  30. the second lessen on the internet every web page that is really long and is out there to sell you something is a scam

  31. Great video series Steve, that's the way to take em down. Bring there crap into the daylight.
    Would it help if loads of viewers report there channels for fraudulous content, since the plans are obviously not 'Teds' property, nor does it deliver like it says on the websites.

  32. I hope some people see my videos before shelling out cash. Next, I'm going to see if it's possible to get a refund. Ted says he has a 100% money-back guarantee! Haha…I think Clickbank does too.

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