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Neo PAX Sivir Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

League of Legends Neo PAX Sivir Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Sivir on their Neo PAX Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in sport.

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42 thoughts on “Neo PAX Sivir Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

  1. Sivir with spidget spinner

  2. Why the blade is red , the clothes is organe

  3. Can you tell me how you changed Dummy skin? pls

  4. beznadziejny ten skin fuj

  5. i dont play league anymore, but i got pax jax and pax sivir :s euw


  7. how she always in a squat position

  8. Shitty skin.

  9. and i tought lancer zero hecarim wasnt worthy of hextec loot exclusive but this…this must be a prank or something. riot pls dont do this mistake

  10. Hate this fake pax sivir

  11. And she said i got values yeah 10 gem but your shit 😀😀

  12. I dont know… all I see is her "semen-ish" hair…

  13. the booty at 0:13 is worth all the gems

  14. They should do a fidget spinner sivir and fidget spinner garden skin. LOOL I know, it's a bad idea.😅

  15. Viktor!!!!!

  16. poor sivir….so many skins….ALL TRASH!!!!!

  17. new skin nidale please

  18. Make a new skin nidale

  19. Well sivir isn't usefull so fuck it lol

  20. Cool skin. Garbage price tag.

  21. Sivir never gets a good skin : (

  22. This skin is so ordinary hahaha I would never craft this for 10 💎 hahaha

  23. El chroma más caro de la historia.

  24. the skin looks nice but not worth 10 gems

  25. Rare doesn't mean good.

  26. I love this champion, but not this skin

  27. If you think about it, they basically made this skin useless.

    The main reason why this skin was valuable was mainly because of its rarity. But now that will no longer be the case. And because of the skins in-game look it isn't worth 10 gems but more like 750rp.

    There's no reason to make a skin 10 gems because of its rarity when it's not even rare anymore, it's pretty much bull shit.

  28. THE Q BOOMERANG ISN'T EVEN THE SAME COLOR. Tfw they care so little

  29. 0:14 thicc

  30. im getting it since I got the pax sivir so I aint complaining.

  31. 10 gems for this?…. not even fucking special animations lol the snowstorm is waaaaaaay better tan this ¬¬

  32. 10 gemstones for that..? Seriously..?

  33. Whether the skin is limited or not, it's trash. It doesn't deserve 10 gems nor does it deserve any more than 520 RP. They could've at least made it nicer and polish it more but the ability animations are kinda terrible (the horrible W animation, dear lord). Is Riot for real? The sad thing is that this skin actually has so much potential to be at least 975 RP if they actually gave it better animations, abilities, etc. It's sad that any of the Sivir skins currently in game are 10x better than this "rare, limited edition" skin.

  34. this skin dont have any good animations very bad ffor 10 gems stones rlly i never want take this bullshit no thanks this skin looks good but dont have animations ….

  35. This is real ugly

  36. this skin is ugly

  37. Gemas on my hahnd

  38. Where is Cassiopeia's new skin? how long that I wait for her skin?

  39. Looks like "fnatic" sivir.

  40. worthless skin for 10 gemstones bcs it doesn't have its own VO

  41. Hhm defenetly not good job I don't like the PAX Skins and now that ? The skin series is just rare but not even good looking a golden version for Sivir won't change my opinion. And certainly not, if you must use 10 Gemstones. Sorry Riot but not so cool 😉.
    – Bebechris
    (And sorry for that horrable english)

  42. Still a better skin than ahri's sg skin

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