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Nintendo Affiliate Program WTF!? // PewDiePie BOX QUOTES?! // The Fall Of Old Media – HOTFIX

This week Stylosa and Kirioth talk about the freshly revealed Nintendo Affiliate Program for YouTube, using a Pewdiepie quote for Dying Light promoting, and the gradual demise of the written phrase gaming websites.

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37 thoughts on “Nintendo Affiliate Program WTF!? // PewDiePie BOX QUOTES?! // The Fall Of Old Media – HOTFIX

  1. I think before when Machinima made some not so good contracts it kinda was better than this "chance" Nintendo offers. We should not say Super Mario anymore, treat it like a racist word.

  2. Becoming a big fan of the show guys, keep it up! Oh and Kiri, you remind me of Bennett from Commando!

  3. I watch PewDiePie and read reviews

  4. I remember back in the day at PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World…i used to love reading Jeff Green, or Colonel Trotter..or Greg Vederman..those were written only but had personalities and I loved them enough to buy the mags. Today i think we tend to go more on youtube because there is more to see but even back then, you still had great personalities in the written word.

  5. I wonder what a Nintendo representative would have to say in response to how their shitty offer has been torn apart, I can't see any valid justification for that partnership program. This rate can be changed arbitrarily?! Well that sounds like a brilliant deal doesn't it! 
    This just adds to the evidence of how greedy a company Nintendo are. They don't seem to give a crap about fair use of their products, just any excuse to get them money. If someone has paid for their game that person owns that game and should be able to use it how they want, within reason.
    The vast majority of their successful games in the last two decades have just been a recycling of their already well established series anyway like mario, zelda, pokemon, donkey kong etc so why do they act like their games require special treatment? Hell Smash bros is just a mash of their existing characters, Pokemon didn't change at all until X and Y and Mario is plastered on all their products what with Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Olympics, Mario Football. They aren't some paragon of gaming that need an extra cut of the money that comes from people who are trying to make a living by giving them free advertising.
    Bloody hell. 

  6. There are ads for Nintendo on this anti-Nintendo video. Coincidence?

  7. Lol well done, just wanted to say enjoyed the show. 

  8. haha Great video,, hope by this time next year your into hundred thousand plus subs, feel a sense of home watching you r videos  

  9. Sty, stop talking over Kiri, it's rude old boy!

  10. Don't suppose you'd be interested in having a tiny unknown channel on as a guest on a HotFix? It's a long shot, but if I don't even ask, I'll have no chance. 🙂
    Hopefully Nintendo doesn't shut my channel down for having made critical reviews. 

  11. H1Z1 airdrops are NOT pay to win.
    in order to even catch your bought crate, you already need a bunch of supporting friends ARMED.
    have you even participated in some of the recent airdrops, or are you just rolling on the hype wave here?


    Nintendo has no standing with this. Hopefully someone with the money can bring them to court.

  13. what channels has the Battle reports?

  14. I have an idea for youtubers effected by Nintendos douchebaggery. 
    Every video you make, have the name Nintendo review in the title for a few weeks, and then put no actual nintendo content anywhere in the video. Itll bog them down with so many videos for review they have to call it quits. Or pay someone to watchdog youtube full time, just for actual content violations. I suppose eventually they will simply flag everything with the name in the title but that opens up a whole new world of censorship violations against them. A little troll idea for youtubers to use against Nintendo. 

  15. Quoting the game as "sooooooo awesome" sounds sarcastic as hell

  16. 58:10 – Here's someone you can't trust. You guys can't name names but I'll name one for you.

    Yogscast. Fuck them.

  17. One of the best hotfixes yet! Nintendo are shocking though, I wonder if this new program was proposed by the traditional Japanese end of the company or Reggie and Nintendo of America.

  18. I feel disappointed i did not get Lady Bingo`s opinion.

  19. If the Nintendo affiliate program somehow succeds (I doubt it will) it will be a disaster on YouTube, other companies will want their personal share of money with a familiar program so on top of Google's and partnership shares youtubers will have to cede more money to a lot of companies like Nintendo, Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom…

  20. Great Hotfix, guys! Keep up the great work on giving us great honest reviews and opinions!

  21. Kinda funny and Kinda funny games are getting something like forty thousand dollars a month just from two patreons, plus all the money from YouTube. Its crazy! xD 

  22. I'm more sad to see the AOL owned ''Massively'' go. It was a great enthusiast blog for those really interested in MMO's, I visited it everyday. It was the best place to go to get up to date with all the happenings in the MMO genre and for other neat opinion pieces surrounding  MMO game design. What YouTuber can offer me that kind of daily content? None. Joystiq is just some other random gaming news site and I couldnt really care less about its closure. I do not read those kind of broad net gaming sites anymore, there's just no need too with YouTube and news aggregation sites.

    I will miss a niche gaming blog like Massively though. It's the only written gaming related website that I visited because it was niche and it filled that ''all things MMO'' niche for me perfectly.

  23. getting naval action when it leaves alpha because of this channel.

  24. well i'm 14 and i watch unit lost all the time.

  25. Fucking hilarious that Nintendo asks for the games back that they send you. It would be way less hassle and expense for them to just toss em out at you than to chase up trying to get them back. And then what are they going to do, repackage them perfectly and send em to some local store for sale one by one? Nintendo haven't got a fucking clue about anything.

  26. 48:08 wont alexa track that sort of stuff?

  27. Luv it~

  28. That PewDiePie box quotation has to be some kind of stupid joke. Not only is a quotation from him of almost no significance to begin with, but the words they've chosen to quote have nothing meaningful to express. "I love this game. It's sooo awesome!" gives you his (alleged) personal impression of it, but there is nothing there to tell me why I should appreciate it. There is no content, in other words, of any critical value. "Buy this game because I love it and it's soooooo awesome!" is vapid and plain stupid on the level of the intentional lack of sophistication seen in Mike Judge's Idiocracy.

  29. I have bought many a games after watching it being played and reviewed on this channel. Out of my small PC game collection of 20 games or so unit lost has driven me to buy at least 5 or 6 games

  30. Hey Sty, love the show, but I love the convenience when channels time stamp topics on shows like these. Could you try something like that in the future?

  31. "Kinda Funny / Kinda Funny Games"'s Greg Miller has stated that him and his team are taking income cuts, they are in fact making less than what IGN we're paying them.
    Greg says that him leaving wasn't about the money, it was about how he wanted to have the freedom to spend more time with his fans of "thegameovergreggyshow" (Now "KindaFunny").

    Anyways they produce prime content, but they are no way as pure as you blokes.

  32. The decline of sites like Joystiq are the way things are trending, and have been for a while. Youtube has all the content and cult of personality that you mentioned, but it's also highly specified. I watch you guys because I know you'll satisfy my RTS and strategy niche. I don't have to wait for a gaming news site to maybe write a review, or maybe not. And you know, I'm not going to wait anyway, I'm an entitled generation Y prick and I want my specific brand of entertainment now! Call that attitude into question all you like, but fact is technology offers that nearly everywhere now. Criticize it at your own risk, because as the years go on people are just going to turn their noses up and wonder why you don't personalize everything to your interests and tastes. 

    However, that aside, many people are just getting fed up with some of the frankly embarrassing shit these websites are pulling. And as we've seen with Gamergate these last few months, they don't seem to realize it.

    Joystiq publishes and article about "gaming while black" 

    > Entire staff is white

    Now, if sites want to publish political things in line with their beliefs, fine. If they have an audience that expects/wants that and responds to it (like polygon for instance) then that's okay. I won't read it, but it's there for people who will. 

    But this, this is complete wankery. They add their wails and shouts to the cacophony of screams for diversity. They have ALL THE POWER to have diverse staff in their outlets. They have NO DIVERSE STAFF.

    Joystiq? Get fucked.  

  33. Grand hotfix guys.

  34. I can't wait till the lawsuits against Nintendo start cropping up.  This is like a company that makes hammers demanding that they get a share of your profits for using their product to build a house.

  35. Great video, but unfortunately, someone has blatantly copied it and put it on their channel. The channel goes by the name of "Unitlost Gaming". They have less that 50 subs, but they're still getting free views from your content. They have been posting YOUR videos on THEIR channel for ages. Just thaught i should let you guys know.

  36. from far away, Kiri looks like he's bare-chested with green tattoos

  37. Sty, I don't fit your demographics at all!  I'm 42, American, and I like Minecraft.  I also like your content and love watching the channel.  If I had to pick a single YouTube channel to follow, it might not be yours, but it wouldn't be TotalBiscuit either (who I do Sub as well).  But I don't have to choose just one.

    PewDiePie is not a reviewer as you lads point out.  He's an entertainer, and I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it's no different than an endorsement from Brad Pitt or David Beckham.  In fact, I'd take a positive review from you and Kiri, or TB LONG before I'd listen to a review from any of them.  Because you've demonstrated integrity, discernment, and judgment that I can trust.  PewDiePie acts like Jerry Lewis, and I think his stuff (successful as it is) is crap.  So his opinion means nothing to me.

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