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Nintendo YouTube Affiliate Program – IRL News

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25 thoughts on “Nintendo YouTube Affiliate Program – IRL News

  1. You know, this is mostly a step in the right direction.

    You're right. Nintendo has never been a progressive company. However, the fact that they are willing to establish an affiliate program does show that they are willing to adapt. It's a case of too little, too late, but being able to choose between giving Nintendo 100% and giving them 30%-40% is much better than always giving them 100%.

  2. Lol its funny how he goes "fuck this company" and immediately goes "stay shiny."

    Ps ive boycotted nintendo the moment they started claiming revenues from channels a year a go.

    People overlook it and get over it a few months after and nintendo knows that, thats why they did this in the month of january when retails sales are down so that people forget about it when the retail months are back into fill swing and there you go runnig back with your money so you can buy another game with mario in it.

  3. What if you sign upp and you have a small channel and you don't make any money?

  4. whats the end song?

  5. Sigh… Nintendo, you're peeing in your pants to get warm here. It's not working. This decision is, in a word, short-term. Sure, some money comes in the short run, but then coverage lessens, sales go down and more is lost than gained. Still, I suppose it's not my matter whether one specific game company decides to slowly strangle the free publicity – there are always others.

  6. Also wasnt there like a list of games that you could cover and not like odd obscure games like super 3D noahs ark?

  7. You good man

  8. Well said. Nintendo will bump a long as the underdog for a while longer, I don't think that anything they do or don't do can pull them out of this death spiral! They will probably end up like Sega, selling residual rights and porting old games for anyone that will pay.

  9. Lets take a hardline attitude to hardline companies – Boycott them.
    Lets stop doing their advertising for them.

    Show your appreciation of their appreciation of what you do for them and their products.
    Lets face it, it isn't like you are taking a share of their profits from any sales that you may inspire.

  10. Anyone else think the video sounded muffled?

  11. To be fair. "Free publicity" doesn't sound much different to "exposure".

  12. To be totally fair, Nintendo sales are probably not that much affected by the 'free publicity' YouTube can provide. Not only are they already well-known, but their target audience differs from most Youtubers's target audience. Don't misunderstand me, it still is a dickmove, but they are not hurting themselves as much as you would expect by doing this. They are trying to grab free money…

  13. Haven't played a Nintendo game in 2 decades so I'm not missing a thing. My only concern is that EA or Ubiso… Wait, I don't play their games either.
    <3 Indie games!

  14. i can hear a  nintendo fanboy somewhere in the pacific  typing  20 paragraphs on how wrong EE is and why he should go fuck himself.

  15. Many games, like X-COM, Minecraft etc. That I see on Youtube make me what to go buy that game and I have. However there are some video's that you watch a particularly story type game being played and once I've seen the story there really isn't much reason to buy the game anymore.

  16. Is nintendo going for worst company of the year? Wow so ea ubisoft now nintendo.

  17. Nintendo, this is why we can't have nice things!

  18. Nintendo: The pioneers of video gaming and messing shit up.

  19. will you change the series to "AFK news"? because we can never ever ever can get out of being "in real life" 😀
    more on the topic: companies are not in the present, or many of them are either in the way past or in the way future…in terms of thinking about their work and effects to society and the community of people as a whole. their decisions reflect such thinking, such as this &ß$@÷× company about wanting to rake in more and more money from those who support them…evidently it's not stupid, just too much greedy and ignorant 🙂 thus such companies shall fall.

  20. 6k more subs for 100k 😀

  21. it would be hilarious if even the nintendo only people stopped and nintendo went out of business

  22. Eh. I'm understanding of it. Youtube videos can make games very popular if they hit off, (ex: Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy's, Skate 3). This is only usually truly effective with computer games, though. Smash Bros U videos and new Pokemon game videos have become quite popular, so I do think that it would help sell Nintendo products a little and raise popularity. However, for story based Nintendo games (like Xenoblade, The Last Story, etc), I think it would be bad for them to release the reigns on Youtube because most of the game is the story and not the active play. Instead what they are going to focus on is marketing through their Nintendo Direct videos on the eShop and Youtube. I'm not saying that the percent profit is right or that it should be for every Nintendo video or game, but I think that a partial reign approach is a better marketing choice than just letting people do whatever they want.

  23. Постер на стене за EE висит криво. 😕

  24. I honestly really like Nintendo and especially their games, but their YouTube policies are just stupid. There is absolutely no reason for this and I thought they got the idea after a while, but it seems not…

  25. These moves usually coincide with a company that doesn't have confidence in the quality of their product.  It's practically fact that if a decently made, fun, engaging game is played on youtube by a respected and highly followed channel, many, many more people buy it.  We've seen companies who had previously NOT had a problem with coverage put embargoes and claims on reviews and let's plays only when their games were horrible and they knew it.  So, does Nintendo lack confidence in it's products this much?  Or could it be a cultural difference?  Sony has had similar issues with products that could have been wonderful if they didn't restrict it's use to furthest degree possible.  Hopefully some youth will enter the decision making circle for these companies and explain how things work now.

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