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Nintendo’s “Partner” Program is BAD for YOUTUBE :(

Let’s discuss concerning the new nintendo associate program for youtubers, that forces youtuber’s to separate their revenue with nintendo, and why its unhealthy for youtube (and nintendo as nicely)

Read a polygon article about it for extra data:

“affiliate program”, Views: 320313 ,Ratings: four.87 ,Time: 1422614195 ,Date: 2015-01-30 10:36:35 ,Duration: 6:40 ,Author: UC4_bwov47DseacR1-ttTdOg ,Author Title : boogie2988 ,

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37 thoughts on “Nintendo’s “Partner” Program is BAD for YOUTUBE :(

  1. I cant even sign up for it anyway. I wanted to play some Nintendo games on my channel but because I'm in the UK, we're not allowed. R.I.P xD

  2. boogie2988 Thank you for this, can't believe that this is still the case when it comes to Nintendo videos. I have two right now and I'm working on a third. Makes me really rethink moving forward with these videos.

  3. But dont nintendo OWN the content??? and are you NOT stealing what belongs to them?? you greedy fucker…

  4. Id pay you to smash a switch

  5. Boogie2988, I love your Vlogs. They're amazing, especially this one.

    I do have a question regarding this topic. You see, I just started my own review channel and I'm concerned about having some videos be flagged.

    For example, if I am to review something from Nintendo that isn't on their Creators Program whitelist like Ducktales for NES or Project X-Zone for the 3DS, is it possible they'll flag me and take action against me?

    Just curious because I wish to share my gaming experience with the community.

  6. Nintendo is a joke. Even their fans (not all of them) are ignorant and protect such atrocities that nintendo is doing

  7. just got smacked with a claim today…

  8. Am I allowed to post official gameplay trailers in the background during my dialog / images and monetize the video without the program? I mean, the program is only for let's players right? I'd like to talk for example about a Nintendo product and have official videos / images in the background? Or will they get flagged too?

  9. I have one more question. If I join this creator program will Nintendo monetize all of my videos even including ones that have nothing to do with Nintendo and gaming or just the videos where I am talking about Nintendo?

  10. is it only the games on the list or is it all games for all of Nintendo's systems?

  11. Nintendo are desperate for money but instead of making new innovative consoles and games that people want, they'd rather implement policies to rip off the last vestige of their fan base who's giving them free advertisement when they could easily switch to better consoles. Nintendo have one foot in the grave and if they persist with policies like this they will go the way of Sega and you'll be seeing Super Mario on the Playstation. Theyre already making Nintendo apps for mobile.

  12. Wtf YouTube gets 40%? Why against Nintendo when YouTube is ripper.

  13. Is it illegal to make Nintento lets plays or gameplays?

  14. I agree with your stand. The only exclusion that I would make is if a user were to put up a gameplay footage of a story-driven game because there are a lot of people out there that will just watch the campaign to find out what happens in the story of the game and not buy it.

  15. I'm not THAT worried about the monetizing and earning money from Nintendo videos (but then I'm not a full-time YouTuber who has YouTube as my job, which might explain it…). What I am worried about is if Nintendo choose to flag or take down videos of their games because just showing a Nintendo game in a video will cause copyright infringements…

  16. I am one of the tiny little new lets play channels, and one of the reasons I started was I couldn't wait to play Nintendo games. I love Nintendo games. I always have. I raised my kids playing video games with them. (Mom of the year I'm not, but we had fun. 😀 ) Now I keep going back and forth on the issue. Nintendo now feels tainted to me. I feel like they are trying to strong arm people. I agree it is their copyrighted material, so for now at least, they can keep it. I will not be playing nor, mentioning Nintendo.

  17. I have a Learning Disability that pertains to both writing and math. Boogie broke it down, and simplified enough to where I could understand. 🙂 The pictures and patient explanation helped a lot. I still got confused a little, but I could catch on afterwards. Thank you, Boogie. 🙂

  18. Gaming channels are making money off of their games.

  19. Again those nintenfucks faggots! Boogie, you have another sub, dude!

  20. This must be real important unlike Sony trying to take the term lets play and monetize the rights.. yeah.. maybe this should be on your third channel too

  21. I agree with Nintendo. A lot video game developers are going broke because sales from video game are not enough financially support them. If making money from playing video game, you should pay some money to people who actually created them. If they did not create it, you would not be making money.

  22. Hey, it's been almost 1 year. Can someone tell me if anything changed? Positive or negative.

  23. Yep and most nintendo fanboys claim nintendo cares about their fans,but this video says otherwise. Why do they care that people are playing their games on a youtube channel. It's free advertising,and who wouldn't like free advertising. I know if i was a game company id love it. Oh nintendo how you've gone from being one of the best gaming companies to one of the biggest jokes in the gaming industry today.

    Haven't touched a nintendo console since the wii and will never touch another one except for the 3ds since they seem to make better handhelds then they do consoles.

  24. Video games today are one of the interactive, if not the most interactive form of electronic entertainment today. I consider myself a gamer, and while I do enjoy a good movie or book, video games allow you to (figuratively) step into the shoes of the protagonist of a story. Now perhaps I may talk about some of the great stories or messages video games could tell another, but I feel I need to talk about how the industry is being threatened. Let’s start with Nintendo shall we. Even if you haven’t played any of their games chances are you have heard of Nintendo and of their popular character Mario, but some decisions this company has made may doom the gaming company. Nintendo not too long ago put out a You Tube policy that basically made where if you wanted to make a review of a game, or make a play-through of a game that they owned under copyright law, you have to sign up with their You Tube program, then have it approved by officials, and if you don’t Nintendo can legally (and forcibly) have your video removed from the site. This just makes me think that Nintendo can’t take any negative criticism and are abusing the power they have to get rid of all the non-Nintendo approved reviews on You Tube.
    But it is not just Nintendo; all of the big gaming companies have some sort of problem. Let’s talk about how games should be released. Let me ask you a question, when you buy new car on the day it has been released to the public via dealership, and you paid for it in full, and then they give you two thirds of a car, and tell you, “Oh we’ll be sure to give you the rest later, maybe in a few months.” I don’t know about you, but I would be rather upset. This is something that is running rampant in the gaming industry. A few examples of this are Assassin’s Creed Unity, Battlefield 4, and Halo 5. All of these games were released incomplete. Assassin’s Creed Unity and Battlefield 4 released with bugs that were so bad at launch, I’m surprised they gave the games a pass after game testing. Halo 5 released intentionally without one the modes it was known for. This mode was called Forge mode, which allowed players to create their own map set ups. All of these games were fixed at later date, but all this “fixing” was done over an internet connection. Well what about people who don’t have an Xbox Live membership, a PlayStation Network connection, etc. How will their games get fixed?
    And preordering games is no good to the industry. The reason being whenever you preorder, you are encouraging gaming companies to just push out the game faster, because they already have your money, thus leading to an incomplete game at release. There are more problems, but I believe these are some of the more prominent ones.

  25. u da best

  26. I want to make a Let's play based on the Original Sonic the Hedgehig, somebody knows if I'll have problems for public the videos? Will I'll be able to monetize them? They'll delete it? Please someone help

  27. 430 people work in a white building in Kyoto

  28. you are a legend boogie

  29. we're is you're lisp

  30. Swimmingbird941 does practically nothing but Nintendo games.

  31. what if you don't want to make money and still make nintendo vids?

  32. I will not buy or recommend Nintendo products until they dummy up and act human.

  33. Nintendo shald stay the heck out of it also i think youtube needs to start sticking up for it's users

  34. It's the first time I'm watching one of your videos. You are a such a nice guy. Subbed and will check your channel from now on.

  35. I can not agree more.

  36. Nintendo is like a parent and trying to teach us that we can't do let's play. Basically Let's Play Videos is copyright infringement. Nintendo saved video games in America so they know more about this than us. Nintendo basically saying you can make let's play videos but keep it clean no bad language because kids are watching and if you use bad language in your video and kids are watching it and to them it's ok to use bad language. So Nintendo is basically helping parents because to parents Nintendo Games are safe and don't have filthy language that other games have. Nintendo is basically Disney of the video games industry. Parents know that when they let their kids play a Nintendo Game they know that it's decent and fun and not having curse words in them. But I do think that in the hardware department Nintendo is wrong with thinking that powerful systems only have mature games and violent games they can make anything they want with it. It's just like having weak specs but having more impressive graphics. We don't expect them to make mature games if they made a powerful system we would expect to see the next Mario game to have gorgeous graphics. I would pre order a Nintendo System if it was going to be super powerful about as powerful as the PlayStation 4. Imagine if they made the Wii U as powerful as the PlayStation 4 then they wouldn't be in the mess they are in now. Things changed since the GameCube came out we just had a terrorist attack for crying out loud when it came out. People were morning from losing loved ones that either died during the attacks or went to war and died on the battlefield. When the Super Nintendo was out it was powerful the most powerful system spec wise. The only thing that the Sega Genesis had over the Super Nintendo was a more powerful cpu and that's it. The graphics on the Super Nintendo was more powerful than the Sega Genesis had. The sound chip in it was superior to the Sega Genesis being it was developed by the guy who would go on to create The PlayStation. To me Nintendo needs to go back to the Super Nintendo days and look at how they can do that nowadays because I know that they can do it they just have to change their ways and not think that everyone share the same opinion as they do.

  37. Is this still going on or did they just give up on the program?

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