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NORA NYC Review | Instagram SCAM | AFFILIATE Program | w/ Receipts | Honest Review |

••• Hey Everyone! •••
(Make positive to observe in 1080 HD!)

I’d recognize it if youthful audiences don’t watch, solely as a result of this wasn’t my “finest function mannequin” second.

This video just about says all of it. It is fairly lengthy, I apologize however I had loads to say and wished to make positive all of the Receipts and Proof have been there.
I bought these myself, and that is my private expertise with this model / firm.

To watch the opposite ladies video on her expertise
(FYI She’s Gorgeous) kittycatsmakeupnchats :

Let her know I despatched you over!

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24 thoughts on “NORA NYC Review | Instagram SCAM | AFFILIATE Program | w/ Receipts | Honest Review |

  1. this review was hilarious! LOL! yea, they contacted me too, thank god I researched immediately after, so I declined… But yes, they LITERALLY find people through hashtags! Sorry you experienced that!

  2. i thought that i finally got my opportunity 🙁 thank you so much girl!!!! i love you for this

  3. They did the exact same thing to me omg so my mom researched them because I'm only 14 and she wanted to make sure it was legit and we came across this video thank you so much !

  4. I placed my order on July 10th. I just them today (July 24th). They were a pretty good quality. It's a lot better than the cheap sunglasses I got from my college haha.

  5. Glad I Did My Research Before I Paid , I Was So Happy To Be Apart Of An Affiliate Source But Paying For The Item Was Strange To Me Because They Usually Give You The Item To Promote Or Pay You So I'm Sorry That Happened To You I Was About To Do The Same 😩

  6. They reached out to me too and I was excited at first but having to purchase was a red flag for me ..

  7. I was scammed by this company

  8. why do I feel like ur still gonna wear them after the cam is off

  9. I saw this brand as well and was wondering what the heck they were all about… Thanks for the video you're awesome!

  10. Thank you for saving me some $$$

  11. I wish I would've found this out when they found my page on instagram and reached out to me to be an affiliate. The other company is hashtag that does the same thing.

  12. I posted 2 pictures on my Instagram of the sunglasses I got for them and I never got a feature on their Instagram. I just messaged them on Instagram and they never responded to me

  13. Oh my goodness. I wish I could have seen this video waaaay earlier … I ordered a pair from this brand also ONLY because they did reach out to me and offered their affiliate program as well. Pretty much same exact effing thing they said to you. I placed the order over 3 weeks ago and just got them today. Looking at the box I was also confused as to why they came from China. I decided to look them up on google and that's when I came across your video. the quality of these are literally RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Definitely not worth the $20 at allllll. Even though I received the sunglasses I'm pretty worried about my card info and not to mention I got them sent to my actual address …should I also call my card company and let them know the situation???? Could it be possible that "Nora NYC" could take my information now and use it ?!?

  14. They messaged me today and I was about to make a deal but then I saw your video! Huge thank you for making this <3

  15. They reached out to me too about 2 months ago. Sadly I just saw this video. My sunglasses never got sent, I emailed them THREE DAMN TIMES asking about it and they said the sunglasses are "on their way". I finally just asked for a refund andddd they stopped responding

  16. Thank you for the valuable information! That being said I was laughing the whole time I watched this. I had it on 1.5x speed to get through the video faster and I was loosing it XD.

  17. They reached out to me as well and I don't even have a YouTube channel and only have like 120 followers on IG. Mirina did too awhile ago when I only had like 50. That right there is shady in itself what good would it do them for me to advertise their shit on my piddly ass social media? Ridiculous!! They just want to take advantage of naive people wanting to grow their social media. I'm very grateful to you and the other girl who made a video about them cause it totally saved me from even considering dealing with them. Thanks!!

  18. I am not saying that you are lying or something. But I got my sunglasses from Nora Nyc today , it only took 5 days to arrive to Norway

  19. I totally got scammed by them! Now I have to contact my bank and do all of that extra nonsense that I didn't want to have to do 😩😩😩! We smaller youtubers have to stick together!

  20. LOL I got requests from both the necklace and sunglasses company on the same post within seconds of each other XD Thanks girl! PREACH.

  21. They reached out to on IG as well..I felt it was kinda sketchy and did a quick search on YouTube and could only find one video on them, but it was enough to convince's horrible what they're doing.

  22. They are definitely a scam, I ordered on the 17th of April and I got the fucking shipment confirmation 2 fucking weeks later and it didn't have a tracking number so I emailed​ them and their response was:
    You will be contacted by our shipping team within 48-72 hours who will provide your tracking number to you so you may have the most up to date details on your shipment OR they will provide insight on your shipment. 
    This is basically the same fucking thing they say in the first email.
    This company and Marinia are both scams. please don't fall for them

  23. thank you for making this video it really helped me.

  24. wtf. no words

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