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Problem Solved Why Ali Express Affiliate Program Links Weren’t Working & How To Fix It

Hey guys, in the present day we now have an answer to an issue myself and a number of you guys have been going through which is that the Ali Express Affiliate Portal was not permitting you to show a majority of merchandise into affiliate hyperlinks. If you did not watch that video you may watch it beneath…

I gotta give @YuTuber props for commenting with the answer to this subject. Apparently in an effort to stop information scrapers from scraping their information and as a safety precaution Ali Express had been altering product hyperlinks in a means that they weren’t working.

The Solution could be very easy. Simply take the hyperlink from the left of the ? in the URL and it’ll work in the Ali Express Portal deep linking device as I present you how you can do in this video.

Hopefully this helps you out. Big shoutout to @YuTuber for figuring this one out for us. Thanks Buddy!!!

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21 thoughts on “Problem Solved Why Ali Express Affiliate Program Links Weren’t Working & How To Fix It

  1. good job

  2. Still it doesnt work.

  3. you are a champ man, solved the issue
    Love from PAKISTAN

  4. Looks like its broken again… being you cannot create a link from a URL of a product, being what you want to do most of the time. I did find 3 temporary work-arounds, 1) You can use the URL of the store which sells the item, or 2) search within the store which sells the item (use a very specific search term e.g. model code) and use the search results URL to create the Deep Link URL, 3) You can also so the same search URL encoding for all stores (site wide search). This got me moving along again and past this re-occurring issue.

  5. its work on internet explorer !
    not on crome !

  6. I sold an aliplugin but doesnt work. i can not successfully import any product. i give "Could not be imported" message when i try import product. I also try in my localhost. But there are no results.
    How to solve this problem?I have all hosting requirements.
    I use wp 4.8
    I try to deactivate other plugins.
    I installed older wp and tried but not imported.
    I can create and publish an aliplugin article.
    I tried everything for three days

  7. Thank you very much

  8. Still there is a lot links that cant get the code even you copy the left side of the question mark :/

  9. Thanks a lot!!!! This works now 🙂

  10. Thanks, well this solution works for some of the links, but with most of them, I still get the message of the portals not promoting the link 🙁

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for the tutorials. I saw one of your other video you mentioned that it is your personal experience and preference that AliExpress Affiliate program is way better than Amazon, eBay or ClickBank. I myself i have been working on eBay as a pro CSR for a period of 2 years and know the ins and outs of it. In UK the ETA is around 2 to 3 working days and in US it's 3 to 5 working days so what ETA you offer to your affiliate store buyers as AliExpress is based in China/Hong Kong so it takes longer than 10 to 12 working days as per UK ETA for International customers, hope you got my point if not let me know i'll like to discuss about it with you in detail, Thanks!

  12. For the first time my credit card would not be accepted after years of verified use – please take care of problem, I NEED AN ORDER–

  13. Does anyone have experience in receiving AliExpress Affiliate payments to Payoneer account?

  14. Oh my god ! You definitively need to BUY A NEW MIC ! The sound is HORRIBLE ! BAD SOUND QUALITY =

  15. This is unrelated to the video, but I'm looking for products to sell.
    Do you provide any monthly subscriptions where I can get lists of potential products?

  16. onecoin…yes no maybe?

  17. hey there, thanks for mentioning me so nice of you. I'm glad to help.

  18. Hold on so you sell the products through your Shopify store then go to aliexpress and use your affiliate code to buy the items? Haha. You have to do this manually right? Also what is aliexpress affiliate commission?

  19. I did this about a month ago and ordered a product through the affiliate link and it showed my projected commission at first but now it's not showing anything there's no record of the commission

  20. Thanks guy. You save us

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