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Royaltie Gem Affiliate Program – As Of June 1st

To join my crew please go to Anyone that joins my crew will get entry to my marketing tools and on-line coaching.

To get began click on right here order your Gems and click on “Yes” to grow to be and affiliate.

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NOTE : Pricing has modified since this video was made and extra GEMs are actually $12 per 30 days per further GEM.

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Any questions remark beneath or electronic mail me at

In this video I am going by way of the brand new Royaltie Gem pricing and compensation plan which takes impact 1st June 2017.

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8 thoughts on “Royaltie Gem Affiliate Program – As Of June 1st

  1. what if i want to buy an extra Gem? can we do that

  2. Where is the affiliate information on the website?

  3. Very well presented!

  4. When the customer walks in the radius, I know the customer is getting the notification. So my question to you is… When the customer leaves your radius, does the notifications disappear or does the notification stay?

  5. When you first sign up, purchase the 3 gems for $49 and in additional, purchase 4 additional gems, how much do you owe after the Monthly Team Subscription of $100 has been satisfied? Would you still owe $12/mo for each of the additional gems? At what Monthly Team Subscription level would have to be reached to have each additional gem become free?

  6. Hi I want to order 100 can you call me or inform me who to discuss volume purchase.

  7. I don't know why people ask is something legal is it legal to be broke just saying. I don't think they would put it out if it ain't legal

  8. Are these legal in Canada?

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