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Star Guardian Ahri Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

League of Legends Star Guardian Ahri Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Ahri on their Star Guardian Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in recreation.

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33 thoughts on “Star Guardian Ahri Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

  1. who's your pick Challenger Ahri or Star Guardian Ahri?

  2. Why is the laugh so scary…

  3. Release date?

  4. For fuck's sake.

  5. Star Guardian Ahri's best girl hands down! Absolutely love this skin, it's perfect just like she is!

  6. Where's her whiskers Riot?

  7. Her dance animation is from TWICE's CHEER UP dance lmao the "shy shy shy" part tho.


  9. Does anyone know when this skin will be buyable ?

  10. What the fuck wrong with her laugh

  11. Like for Star Guardian Urgot


  13. Wow!!!!! Legend

  14. And here goes an other skin for Ahri.

  15. so tired of cutesy skin on ahri. Soulstealer ahri wouldve been dope.

  16. When is this coming out???

  17. When it will hit live?

  18. My birthday is on 26 august 🎊🎊 can someone gift me this skin because my parents dont want to buy me RP… 😔 Im on EUNE my name is KI0WA (with a zero 0 not the letter O) ❤

  19. WHATAAAAA fuck is that laugh?!


  21. 1:19 The fuck is that high culture, white trash, desperate housewives level laugh?

  22. fap worthy

  23. I'm sorry but being a different colour when you have an ult charge left is a big ass warning sign for the enemy, stops sneaky plays or catching people out, just seems like you're paying for a disadvantage.

  24. this skin seems rly forced imo, arcade ahri was probably the best addition recently

  25. seriously rito. Another ahri skin? when the f*** are you gonna give your older champs new skins? ahri already has like 8 skins while yorick still only has 2 shitty skins. And yorick is was released earlier than ahri ffs. I guess rito just cant help but milk the money smh.

  26. Wtf,they're gonna released them 2 Weeks after this Patch? Wtf is wrong with you Riot. No skin came after 2 Weeks. I already found nice skins to buy,and now i have to wait 2 weeks for no reason. This sucks rly..

  27. now u can know if ahri has her ult on or not !!!! or she out of r stacks !!!

  28. I haven't seen anyone mention it yet… but after she ults and still has ult charges left, she GLOWS BRIGHT PINK?! One of the best things about playing Ahri is saving that last ult charge for a surprise re-engage after the enemy thinks you've used them all… This just makes it glaringly obvious that you're still sitting on a charge… I was so happy to see the skin because it's pretty, but how can I justify using it if it actually hurts gameplay? Seems like something overlooked by a design team that hasn't played Ahri before.

  29. give rakan back you bitch that's not pretty

  30. I just love her <3 Can't wait Sheis perfect. I dont get this complaining. If you dont like it just don't watch it and don't buy it. I aprreciate that finaly they reliesed some new cute skins other than creepy monsters like malzahar etc.

  31. dat smile ~~~~ Ohhhh!!!!

  32. Sword Art Online all over again

  33. so happy my Ahri finnaly gets legendary skin ^-^

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