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Star Guardian Ezreal Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

League of Legends Star Guardian Ezreal Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Ezreal on their Star Guardian Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in recreation.

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34 thoughts on “Star Guardian Ezreal Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

  1. Hes way too girly

  2. gayest skin ever

  3. So where is my starguardian urgot??!


  5. damn this is tight

  6. hey, he looks great, so who cares

  7. Like for Star Guardian Urgot

  8. Where is Star Guarduan Urgot!?!?!

  9. Next one better be Twisted Fate as Tuxedo Mask

  10. My birthday is on 26 august 🎊🎊 can someone gift me this skin because my parents dont want to buy me RP… 😔 Im on EUNE my name is KI0WA (with a zero 0 not the letter O) ❤

  11. Well… at least he's handsome in the icon

  12. Why forcing Ezreal in the Star Guaridan skin theme? You just got to look at the splash art to see he doesnt look like the hunk he was supposed to be. He just look like Riot trying to reach to LGTB comunity while also cashing in his high popularity.

    Diana, Leona, Taliyah, Sivir, Quinn and many other female characters would have fit perfectly in this skin thematic but they just shove in the same characters every effing time.

  13. Pedał…

  14. Looks like a mashup of Force Archer from Cabal Online and Protoss from Starcraft series

  15. Why didnt they take this opportunity to give him new VOs like they did with the lux skin? Him and Lux are the new pair they are tryna ship why not make their skins have interactions and what not. Wasted chance to make market that shit woulda made people wanna buy the Lux skin to pair with Ez……

  16. wheres the stargaurdian urgot

  17. my lil fag heart is gonna explode..

  18. This splash art is amazing

  19. Good to know I can look fabulous while still telling people they belong in a museum

  20. im early lemme make a joke

    I sexually identify as an idiot sandwich

    understandable, have a nice day

  21. Clunky ass q

  22. where's star guardian urgot?

  23. I would be glad if Riot finally updated the voice of Ezreal. After all, he has too stingy set of phrases.

  24. Terrible.

  25. star guardians are all girls –
    ez on the other hand – he is girl inside…

  26. another ezreal skin

  27. How much does this skin costs? ^^

  28. well congrats riot, u made edward's twin brother. (WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY)

  29. This could have been star guardian quin but noo lets take gayreal.

  30. The Star Guardian music is awesome!

  31. HAREM

  32. It should have been quinn with the bird :[

  33. Ezreal is too cute. I just love him so much lol

  34. That skin suits Quiin better. The first time I saw Ez flying I thought it was Quiin,

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