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Star Guardian Syndra Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

League of Legends Star Guardian Syndra Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Syndra on their Star Guardian Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in sport.

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45 thoughts on “Star Guardian Syndra Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

  1. snow day is still better

  2. She is Sailor Saturn Right??

  3. Shut up and take my money .

  4. Shouldve been dark star syndra. Syndra doesn't fit the SG theme at all.

  5. lmfao i dont like the skin much but the more i look at her balls THEY R SO CUTE. ITS THE ONLY GOOD THING. the face expressions r so cute

  6. omg this is exactly what I wanted when they released the other star guardian skins

  7. Dark Star would be better…


  9. I 100% agree with people wanting new voice lines for this skin. Has a rioter made a statement on why they won't? I know it's not a legendary skin but still.

  10. she's dancing to hoot. nice

  11. This skin is so cool best part 5:07 oh wait… this skin sucks

  12. thous balls kawai

  13. Please do something with that voice if your going to turn a dark magic user into a cutesy little pop girl. It just doesn't fit. Definitely should have been a Dark Star skin. Missed opportunities.



  16. The more I look at this skin, the more I like it

  17. @SkinSpotlights please stop over-do every skin , 5 min is too much make it short and sweet, we get to see the skins and you render less time, PS: for the kids and idiots am not flaming him or complaining it was just an advice for better spotlights

  18. feels halfheartedly done imo

  19. So.. the 5 new skins are the old SG members, then Syndra join the dark side and Janna replaced her (previous story said Janna is the only left from the previous team).
    Btw I like Ahri tails making a heart shape when using charm 😀

  20. hey whats up guys its me jeremy :^)

  21. Star Guardian – Leg spectates

  22. Doesn't suit her at all.

  23. 2:40 The animation of outplay Spell :-s

  24. I promised myself not to buy rp anymore.
    Promised…. I'm only 15, pls I need help

  25. I like how all the orbs have changingin expression as their duration progresses, I also like how they have different faces, so each orb can be unique.

  26. 1:28 did i heard a WOOMY??

  27. This colour is so close to her default skin colour…..

  28. bruh this is so lame all they did was add glitter to it like tf compared to her other skins so bad

  29. did she eat the pero pero nomi?

  30. The voice is fine.

    She is the dark, edgy one on the team. The one that leaves you guessing whether she will betray the good side in the crucial moment or if she won't. Just for her to feign betrayal but then choose friendship after all.

  31. Their price ?

  32. When you guy skt t1 syndra…

  33. Her skirt looks like a tutu, too orianna. Her voice does kinda kill this skin. This was a missed opportunity for syndra as a character. She couldve had awesome dialog with her familiars.

  34. Slime Rancher Syndra lol

  35. Wasted potential.
    I have nothing else to say to riot.

  36. I rly dont like how her head piece looks like
    It looks like she got Patrick on her head tho
    Theres no anime girl got such big and clumsy head piece for fight.
    Just some simple hair band with some luxury decoration is ENOUGH

  37. Gotta love the toxicity in the comments. (I'm just kidding) Also, in my opinion Riot did a great job… I guess I'm the only one…

  38. While yeah the voice is off, I do wish the explosions were a bit louder.

  39. She is not a dark star , she is a star guardian.. needs more glitter. And pls change her voice

  40. Skin is still shit in my opinion. Change the color…. please, and her voice, take the voice effects away it's a fucking mess tbh. Pls riot.

  41. Can someone gift me this skin? It's my birthday tomorrow, but I can't afford to buy 🙁 if you can add me I'm on NA server greatly appreciated!
    Law of the Claw

  42. If they would just make a new voice pack for this skin it would be amazing

  43. One-sama!

  44. sound effects are funny ; unfit for syndra ; trying too hard to look cute but fail miserably … not buying,,, ugly skin overall

  45. Star Guardian Tryndamere ? RİTO PLS

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