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Start Making Money with Jumia Affiliate Program

Get launched to Jumia Affiliate Program and begin makping money wherever you’re!

To join and turn into an affiliate:

For any questions, get in contact at

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20 thoughts on “Start Making Money with Jumia Affiliate Program

  1. Why is the click rate high and the conversion rate low? The data don't match with my database.

  2. did I just see 15k clicks 0 commission

  3. did I just see 15k clicks 0 commission

  4. Am to copy the banner to which site

  5. I have just joined , I want to see whether I can make money at jumia affiliate program , thanks jumia .

  6. i need to know how i can tackle the regular changing prices on jumia. i have a website and prices of product change all the time. how do a get to know when the prices have been changed or if the product has been removed. please i need to know if therx an automatic way apart from the manual method.

  7. The link builder is my hardest part I'm not getting it right


  9. How your say email where email is it?

  10. just get started

  11. how to withdraw money

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  13. how to withdraw money from jumia affiliate account

  14. vraiment je comprend pas l'anglais, je peux avoir la traduction en français?

  15. how do post into our blog? do a video on dat

  16. I cant login. The password reset shows this error {"success": false, "message": "No Login Was Found"}
    my email is

  17. how do i change my account to what i"m seeing on the video

  18. video play not clear

  19. Okay

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